Chamomile Citrus Tea Pouches (15-Ct)

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An herbal infusion of chamomile, orange & lemon
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A classic herbal tea to curl up with and savor by the sip anytime of the day or night. Soothing Egyptian chamomile flowers with subtle hints of sweet orange and tangy lemon. In the alternative, try it on ice during the summer to refresh and revive. Also, makes an excellent after-dinner digestive. Pair the infusion with light foods and complementary flavors like cookies or fruit flavored item such as lemon or orange.

Ingredients: Orange peels, chamomile flowers, rosehip peels, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, hibiscus, spearmint, natural flavors, orange petals

Steeping Instructions:
• Start with a preheated cup
• Bring the water to a boil; let it cool for 1 minute (180°F) before steeping tea for 4 minutes
• While the water is heating pour hot water into your cup, let sit and then drain completely.
• Remove tea pouch and enjoy!

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  • 2/12/17
  • Wendy Holladay
  • drinking Peet's since today
  • Slidell, LA

this is delicious and so unique. it came free as part of my coffee subscription and i updated my subscription to add this. it's like a warm cup of organic love.

2017-03-29 10:55:51

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