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Sri Lanka Ratnapura

Item No. 500165

Available: Online Exclusive

Price:   per 4 oz. pkg. $15.95
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From the best estate in Sri Lanka's Ratnapura district, this special lot has a rich and vibrant flavor.

Flavor Notes

Tobacco and wildflower honey.

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About this tea

Tea Story

Ratnapura is known as the “gem country” of this island nation, as it is a region rich in precious stones. In spite of the relatively low altitude of this area, there is one tea estate that can produce what is perhaps the country’s finest tea, when the weather and processing steps are perfect.

The leaves are very stylish, appearing thin and wiry, and colored black with shiny streaks; it’s a result of careful sorting to get a high percentage of whole leaf tips. For those who know Peet’s Buddha Peak Ceylon with its tangy and sappy flavor, this tea has a flavor that is altogether different: clear and bright yet slightly sweet like wildflower honey, with hints of malt and tobacco, and a vibrant finish.

Customer Reviews
  • Anthony Castellano 10/1/07
  • Columbia, MO

As someone who starts the day with the smoky flavor of Russian Caravan, I like a gentler, but still flavorful tea in the afternoon. This tea has become a new favorite. While so many other teas are flat, Ratnapura makes a strong, complex cup. In addition to the malt and tobacco, I would add a note of cocoa. Stands alone or holds up to the addition of milk.

  • Stephen Shotwell 2/16/06
  • Belmont, CA

Something about this tea I find so elegant -- partly it's the beautifully uniform and unbroken leaves, partly it''s the lovely aroma, partly it's the play of subtle flavors in perfect balance with the soft tannins. Thanks for offering this one. I hope it will be making comebacks.

  • Charles Amirkhanian 4/1/02
  • El Cerrito, CA

This is a winner. Something different entirely ?an acquired taste perhaps? but worth the effort. Effort is required to scoop the tea out of the tin. The leaves are rigid and tightly curled and nearly require a forklift (tongs will do) to dislodge. If you like Lion Mountain Keemun, this flavor is related but more austere. Since good years for this tea are rare, get it now.

Employee Reviews
  • Linsey , drinking Peet's since 2001 5/5/09
  • Customer Service
  • Roasting Plant
  • Roasting Plant, CA

This is one of the finest teas I have ever had the opportunity to enjoy! This tea has a rich, fresh aroma and a sweet, warm flavor. While I believe this tea would be fine with milk I find it to be perfection on its own.

  • Liz Thoron 2/11/02
  • Retail Training Coordinator
  • Contra Costa, CA
  • Contra Costa, CA

I've been cupping the rare teas a lot in my store visits. The Sri Lanka Ratnapura stands out every time. I enjoy the round complex flavors of this tea. It combines malty flavors with a sweet, tangy berry flavor. I tried this tea with milk to see how well it stood up. It passed the test, the astringency mellowed a little and the sweetness of the milk melded nicely with the malt and fruit flavors.

2014-09-18 10:37:04

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