Jasmine Downy Pearls by the Pound

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Flavor Notes

Floral and refined, with a beauty as compelling as its flavor


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About this tea

Tea Story

The leaves of this China green tea are hand-rolled fresh in April, then scented in August when jasmine blooms.

A unique and beautiful tea from Fujian province, China, only the youngest leaves are plucked. Three leaves are rolled together into a spherical “pearl” and then wrapped in silk mesh and dried by fire to set the form. Each pearl is streaked with the pale white down of the young buds. Scenting the pearls twice with fresh jasmine flowers gives the finished tea its final character.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to boil; let it cool for 1 minute (195° F) before steeping tea for 5 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring. Or brew in a glass mug so you can watch and savor at the same time.

Customer Reviews
  • Curt Schimmels , drinking Peet's since 2009 9/16/14
  • Los Gatos, CA

I've been drinking Jasmine Downy Pearl tea for several years, now, and it has become my all time favorite tea. I do drink other teas, but this has become my "go to" tea. It is smooth yet flavorful, without any harshness.
It may seem a bit expensive, but it doesn't take much to make a cup or a pot, and a 4 ounce tin lasts a long time, even having it every day. Most of all, it is indescribably good!

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