Little Dragon Peach Iced Tea Bags

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A mellow oolong tea with a touch of peach.

Flavor Notes

Smooth and toasty with a peach-stone hint.

About this tea

Tea Story

We refer to the base tea as our Golden Dragon Oolong’s “little brother,” a similar style oolong, but perfect for more everyday drinking – hence Little Dragon. This tea is smooth and toasty with a peach-stone hint, which we’ve augmented with the natural flavor of peach.

Little Dragon Peach Iced Tea is packaged in boxes containing eight large-sized teabags. Each bag brews one quart of iced tea.

Brewing Tips

For the best tasting iced tea, we strongly recommend brewing your tea leaves with boiling water, and then chilling the liquor. Only boiling water can release the flavor and aroma from tea leaves.

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