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These chlorine-free, unbleached paper tea filters from T-Sac are great for brewing loose leaf tea.
Size 3. Each box contains 100 filters. Designed for use in an 8-cup teapot without a holder.
Customer Reviews
  • Kaye Kohler 10/19/08
  • Amissville, VA

These are SO great! I love tea! I have avoided loose tea because of the difficulty cleaning little wiry mesh tea holders. These bags make it SO easy! Recycled paper, I hope ... Loose tea is so much better than tea in a bag ... but I haven't experienced Peet''s tea bags ... I was very lucky when my friend in California sent an entire box home with me recently. I use them every day! Thank you! Kaye

Employee Reviews
  • Tommy Smith 11/29/06
  • Coffee and Tea Specialist
  • Pealuma, Petaluma store 101,CA,USA
  • Pealuma, CA

Far superior to the Melita "loose tea bags"! These will not leave the chemical aftertaste as the others do and makes brewing broken grade tea convenient when in a rush. Still drastically inhibits infusion of leaves in comparison to a teapot and leaves a bit of a papery taste, but a big improvement. Size of the bags will accomidate up to FOP and even Lung Ching well, but I'll stick to brewing just loose in my cup for gunpowder and large leaf oolongs/pouchong tea such as tieguanyin and downy pearls.


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