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Masala Chai

Item No. 500074

Available: Peet's Store

Price:   per 4 oz. pkg. $8.95
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Our signature blend merges three Broken Orange Pekoe teas with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and pepper.

Flavor Notes

Prepared with milk, this sweet-and-spicy cup is an Indian tradition

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About this tea

Tea Story

In India, “Chai” is the word for tea, and “Masala” means a mixture of spices. This cup is traditionally prepared using local tea boiled in a mixture of water and milk, with lots of sugar, and whatever spices are popular. There are probably as many variations on the recipe as there are households in India, but the general result is a spicy, sweet and milky tea. Our Masala Chai blend combines pungent Assam and South India broken leaf teas blended with cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, cloves and freshly ground tellicherry peppercorns. Brew it fresh and mix it with warm milk and sugar to taste.

Brewing Tips

Measure 2 spoonfuls (6g) of Masala Chai into a small, preheated teapot.
Add 8-oz. of boiling water and steep for a full 5 minutes.
Separately, warm 8-oz. of milk in a saucepan, being careful not to scald.
Strain steeped tea into a heated glass. Mix in 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey to taste.
Add heated milk and enjoy.

Customer Reviews
  • Shiva , drinking Peet's since 1 mon 12/16/14
  • santa clara, CA

I'm from India, and love tea. I tried Peet's masala chai in my office kitchen last month for the first time.This one has the authenticity of the original masala chai we make in Indian households. Please don't change anything in it. It has the perfect blend of spices for Masala Chai.

  • ARLEN STAHLBERG , drinking Peet's since June 7/22/14

Having been a devotee of spicey chai for many years I now find that Pete's Masala chai is better than any I have ever tasted.
Maybe it is the 3 blends of teas that sets it apart. It has converted me to a total Pete's patron. thank you

  • Pat Enevold , drinking Peet's since 2004 9/26/13
  • Mundelein, IL

Please bring a store closer to me than almost an hour's drive! I love the Masala Chai tea. I love it made at the store. But I do make it at home as well. Please try to get the tea into grocery stores as well as your coffee! Thank you!

  • gortsema 6/13/12

Extraordinary!!! I love this tea!!

  • jessica Lucas 7/5/11
  • flushing, MI

I have been a chai lover for more years than I care to count, but Peet's masala chai is without a doubt the best I've come across in all my travels. It's my favorite wake up drink, and my favorite good night drink and it cools me in the summer over ice and it warms me in the winter, I love Peet's chai, almost as much as my dogs. Thank you for providing such a treasure.

  • Jane , drinking Peet's since 2011 2/19/11
  • Reno, NV

WOW! I am addicted to this tea! I've tried so many different chai teas and Peet's is the BEST! Not too sweet, not to spicy. I brew mine in a cast iron teapot for 17 minutes and then add sugar and half-n-half. I place the leftovers in the refrig for a IcedTea Latte the next day. I hope you never discontinue or change this tea! I have tried to mix my own with spices and it can not be duplicated... Thank you for a GREAT Chai Tea.....

Employee Reviews
  • Francesca Labordo 6/30/05
  • Retail Sales
  • Hastings Ranch, Pasadena, CA
  • Hastings Ranch Pasadena, CA

The Masala Chai smells sweet and cinnamon-y. It is brisk but not astringent and is very full bodied. When I drink Masala Chai I like to add sugar and soy milk.

  • Ross Blum 2/21/00
  • Polk Street Store, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Polk Street Store, CA

What's all the fuss about? Taste and see. Peet's Chai is a spicy blend of Indian teas and spices which will wake up your mouth and mind! The complexity of exotic spices juxtaposed to freshly steamed milk and mixed half & half are a perfect complement to one another. Share with friends and take the complements yourself!

2015-09-01 08:24:18

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