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Yunnan Fancy

Item No. 500139

Available: Peet's Store

Price:   per 4 oz. pkg. $8.95

Yunnan is recognized as the birthplace of tea. The flavor of this China black tea stands the test of time.

Flavor Notes

Rich spice and honey, coupled with an elusive floral aroma

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About this tea

Tea Story

Southern China’s Yunnan province borders Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, with India’s Assam tea fields just to the West. Eighty percent of all known varietals of camellia sinensis come from this central and storied place. Yunnan Fancy is made from broad-leafed Dayeh, an ancient variety that only grows here. In spite of the long pedigree of Yunnan teas, the current style F.O.P. black tea types have only been produced for the last 60 years or so. Yunnan Fancy’s rich, full body is popular with those who love Peet’s coffees. While the aroma is toasty, floral and woodsy, the flavor is honey-sweet with firm fruity and spicy notes.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 heaping spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to a rolling boil; steep tea for 5 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.

Customer Reviews
  • Martin , drinking Peet's since 1988 1/4/10
  • Merced, CA

An absolutely splendid breakfast tea. Full bodied and naturally sweet, with just the slightest astringency. Smells like Autumn leaves, cedar with notes of malt and sweet dates.

  • Amy Hawes , drinking Peet's since 2008 8/7/08
  • Uxbridge, MA

I got a tin of this for my birthday this year, and now it's my favorite! It''s got a lovely, deep taste and really wakes me up in the morning. If you like breakfast teas ( some of my other favorites are Irish and English Breakfast) you'll probably enjoy this lovely Yunna Fancy!

  • Caroline 4/5/06
  • Sonoma, CA

I mix these three teas for my breakfast tea. This is a wonderful blend that combines the best features of all three to make a great, unique flavorful breakfast tea.

  • Sarah 2/17/00
  • San Francisco, CA

We call it "go tea." It prevents sleep, but of course there are none of the jitters from coffee. It's perfect when brewed for about 2.5 minutes and served with rice milk. No other tea comes close. Now everyone at work is addicted

Employee Reviews
  • Andrea Southgate , drinking Peet's since 2004 12/14/08
  • Barista
  • Evanston
  • Evanston, IL

The rich woodsy scent wafts delicately up from the dark brown liquor. The aroma is punctuated with subtle delights: cinnamon sticks, ripe persimmons. A sip reveals a powerful, singular note

  • Kristen Nelson 7/17/05
  • Field Trainer
  • Emeryville, CA
  • Emeryville, CA

smooth and full. a cascade of stewed summer fruit, coupled with bold and malty grains, something resonant of a peach or plum gallette, yunnan fancy yields a deeply satisfying cup, whether steaming hot on a crisp autumn morning or over ice on a warm summer afternoon.

  • Allison Rutlege 6/30/05
  • Shift Lead
  • Davis, CA
  • Davis, CA

I love the rich, malty, slightly smoky flavor and the syrupy full body. Yunnan has a wonderful complexity and a satisfying finish.

  • Ross Blum 2/21/00
  • Vine Street Store, Berkeley, CA, USA
  • Vine Street Store, CA

The 'other' great black tea of China. It shows a floweriness similar to Darjeeling but is tempered by that smooth, viscous, syrupy coat that balances it well against its other flavor characteristics. Nice, simple finish.

2015-11-26 12:15:52

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