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This China green tea’s flavor balances the ethereal fragrance, like drinking the nectar of fresh flowers.
Jasmine teas vary according to the quality of the tea base and the skill and flower quality used for scenting. Yin Hao Jasmine delivers the best of everything. The tea is plucked in April during the Spring harvest, then tucked away until August when the finest jasmine blooms. The flowers are picked at noontime and kept until nightfall, when the temperature cools and the blooms open. Then the flowers and tea are blended together in layers, known as “marrying.” After several hours, the petals are removed and fresh flowers are applied. While ordinary grades are scented a couple of times, Yin Hao’s heady, otherworldly aroma comes from five to seven sets of fresh flowers.

Peet's Yin Hao Jasmine is now a Mighty Leaf tea. Same origin, same flavor, same quality.
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Steeping Instructions:
• Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
• Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
• Bring the water to a boil; let it cool for 2 minutes (180° F) before steeping tea for 3 minutes
• Strain leaves while pouring.
Customer Reviews
  • Jessi White , drinking Peet's since 2010 8/17/16
  • Concord, CA

The previous reviewers are not wrong--it is a slightly different Yin Hao than before Peet's rebranded their teas to Mighty Leaf. They are, however, too vitriolic. The new Yin Hao comes from a different estate, which is why it tastes differently. It is, however, still a *very* good tea, and still has a depth of flavor not experienced in the Jasmine Fancy; the latter of which, mind you, is still of higher quality than anything from Lipton.

  • Holly Coleman , drinking Peet's since Fifty 6/16/16
  • Walnut Creek, CA

This is definitely NOT the same Yin Hao Jasmine tea Peet's sold before they started selling Mighty Leaf. Since I had a can of the original, I decided to do a taste comparison with the new version. The old tea has such a deep rich green flavor with the jasmine flower smell and taste prominent. The new tea tastes like a cheap green tea you would get at an restaurant. I can't figure out why Peet's decimated their line of teas. I grew up on Peet's coffee and tea. My mom took us to the very first Peet's in Berkeley and we met Mr. Peet. This is so disappointing. Would someone from Peet's please give me the name of your last supplier so I could contact them for tea?

  • Joaquin Galaza , drinking Peet's since 2014 5/5/16
  • San Jose, CA

I used to order the Yin Hao buy the pound and I can attest that this is not the same as before. Pete's canceled my subscription and the tins and then came out with this version which I suspect was a Mighty Leaf variety repackaged. Not happy with the change and certainly not happy with the product now. Time to switch.......too bad!!!

  • Kate , drinking Peet's since . 4/20/16

What a disappointment! The original Peet's Yin Hao Jasmine was flavorful and just a lovely tasting tea. The Magic Leaf is nothing...there is no depth of flavor...it's like "Lipton" to Peet's original tea.

  • Barbara , drinking Peet's since n/a 4/1/16

I agree. The Might Leaf Yin Hao Jasmine is not the same even though I was told it was the same tea but just a different label. It doesn't have the nice jasmine taste/aroma. In fact it doesn't have much of any flavor. I am quite disappointed. Unfortunately I about 2 pounds left to use. After that is gone I will have to search for someone else who sells loose jasmine tea that actually tastes like jasmine.

  • Barbara , drinking Peet's since n/a 4/1/16

I agree with the first reviewer. The Mighty Leaf Yin Hao Jasmine doesn't have the same fragrant jasmine taste and smell. I bought it by the pound. Peet's Customer Assistance informed me it was the same Peet's tea but with a different label. I disagree. There really isn't much jasmine at all. I will also have to find another source for my jasmine tea after I finish the current stock I have.

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