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This summer-inspired iced tea blend contains China and India teas for a brisk, frosty and refreshing glass.

Flavor Notes

Brisk yet mellow with a slightly sweet, toasty note

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About this tea

Tea Story

Iced tea is an altogether different drink from its steaming counterpart, calling for a smoother, more refreshing flavor. Summer House contains three teas from China and India for a blend that’s at once slightly sweet, toasty and mildly brisk.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated 16-oz. teapot.
Place one bag in the pot to make a double-strength brew.
Bring water to a rolling boil, pour immediately and cover with a lid; steep for 4 to 5 minutes.
Pour tea into a pitcher containing an equal amount of chilled water.
Stir and serve over ice.

Customer Reviews
  • Aimee Green , drinking Peet's since 1993 11/7/13
  • Oakland, CA

I am an avid Peet's customer. I usually get coffee from Peet's, both beans and cups of it. This summer, I discovered Summer House Ice tea. At home, I usually don't brew too much coffee but I'm a keen tea aficionado, loose leaf, boiling water, exact times for each kind of tea. I also love a good iced tea. After one sip, I was in heaven. This is iced tea nirvana. No sugar is needed, at all. This is shocking to me as I am sweet tea kind of girl. It is perfect with just ice and warm afternoon. Perfect

  • Faye F. , drinking Peet's since 2008 6/1/13
  • Chiloquin, OR

I have been a Peets ice tea drinker for 5 years and have to buy the tea blend for use at home. The blend they use in one of a kind and better flavor than any I have tasted. I live 35 miles from Peets so when I'm in town that is the first place I go. Thank you Peets!

  • Michele T. , drinking Peet's since 2012 7/26/12
  • Roby, TX

I found Peet's Coffee and Tea this summer while staying in Dallas. I fell in love with the Iced Tea - it is the best iced tea I have ever tasted and I have had my fair share of tea throughout the years! I don't like my iced tea syrupy sweet and they were happy to make it to my liking. This tea was like none other I have ever had - I am ordering it for my home right now! Peet's definitely has a new fan!

  • Jenny , drinking Peet's since 2009 8/31/09
  • Broomall, PA

I tried this because my husband loves iced tea. He likes this blend. He said it's definitely different than the typical Lipton or Tetley brand. I'm happy that he's happy. I think I'm going to try the Mango flavored next. Give it a try.

  • Bethany , drinking Peet's since 1989 6/19/09
  • Vacaville, CA

I, too, am an iced tea the point that I drink little else. Ever since we finally got a Peet's in Vacaville, I have been a daily regular, just to indulge in this delicious, crisp, and most refreshing tea. It's my very favorite. I am now also buying the loose tea to brew at home, since a once-a-day trip down to Peet's does not suffice on most days!!

  • Joan Kramer 12/3/06
  • Santa MOnica, CA

I am a true ice tea lover and will go out of my way to get Summerhouse Ice Tea usually more than once per day. I have been drinking this ice tea for five or six years and love the brisk, yet earthy taste. It has a lot of flavor but does not taste artificial. One comment that I have. I have noticed that when the ice tea is dispensed from a soft plastic container in the store, that often it picks up the taste of coffee. I would venture a guess that coffee leaves behind an oil that sinks in to a soft plastic that is then imparted to the tea making it almost undrinkable to a true tea lover. I find that the stores that use a hard plastic container always serve a great glass of tea.

Employee Reviews
  • Ed Whitman 8/12/02
  • Peetnik
  • Davis
  • Davis, CA

A brisk, sweet and refreshing tea that is great at summer barbeques and yes, I served it at my wedding too.

  • Angela Dickey 8/12/02
  • Peetnik
  • Davis
  • Davis, CA

Some customers ask for lemon slices, but Summer House has a natural lemony flavor of its own. Brisk and lively, no lemons for me.


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