Tea Gifts

Tea Gifts

Our favorite teas, pots, presses and mugs,
for your favorite people.

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  • Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

    Price: $64.95 $49.95
    This beautiful tea set has everything you need to make a great cup of traditional matcha tea.
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  • Limited Edition: Sheng Pu'er Tea

    Price: $49.95

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    Our Pu'er Tea was harvested from tree-sized tea plants growing in the Jingmai Mountain area of Yunnan in Southwest China.
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  • Mighty Leaf Brew-in Tea Mug

    Price: $22.95
    This ForLife tea mug Perfect for both tea pouches or loose leaf teas. Designed for simple and clean way of steeping just one fresh cup of tea in your own cup. Dishwasher safe.
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