Favorites Tea Collection

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Ranging from bold to floral, the Favorites Collection is a diverse foray into our most popular teas.

Irish Breakfast: Full-flavored, complex, and pungent Indian teas, with hints of malt and citrus.

Yunnan Fancy: The long, bold leaves of Yunnan Fancy contain many blonde tips. Rich, spicy taste coupled with an elusive floral aroma.

Jasmine Fancy: A mellow China pouchong tea naturally scented with jasmine flowers.

Collection contains three 4 oz tins of loose tea.

Comes in a Peet’s signature gift box.

Customer Reviews
  • Walker Boh , drinking Peet's since 2008 3/31/14
  • Potomac, MD

I have not ordered the set but I have been enjoying the threesome for some time now. The green tea is absolutely perfectly balanced. I have sampled many green teas, the ones I preferred being from Viet Nam. However, this Jasmine is incredibly delicious plain. I also like the Irish Breakfast Tea as it is nice and strong but flat- nothing but tea flavor. In fact I am drinking it right now. I add lemon and raw sugar not because it needs it but because I can. However, both it and the Yunan are quite tasty plain. The Yunan I LOVE because of what I perceive to be a malty flavor, which I have been told is a woodie flavor. Whatever it is makes it taste FANTASTIC. I had thought the flavor was characteristic of Sri Lankan (Ceylon) teas, but this is obviously a Chinese tea. Whatever it is, it tastes great. Ask Tony the Tiger

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2014-04-16 07:35:44

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