Our hearts go out to our Northern California neighbors. We’re matching donations in stores through 10/22.

Peet’s Coffee has launched a nationwide campaign to aid victims of the devastating North Bay California fires.

Through October 22nd, customers can make donations at Peet’s coffeebars nationwide.

You can also make a donation online by selecting one of the charities listed below.

Peet’s will match funds up to $20,000 USD, and 100% of donations will be distributed to local community foundations, nonprofit organizations, and food banks providing vital resources to those impacted.

We're thinking of you, North Bay.


I moved to Berkeley in 1972 and discovered Peet's on Walnut Square and fell in love with the coffee. After moving to Nevada I often visited the Bay Area (always bought a good supply of coffee) and then I became a part time mail-order customer in 1975. Later I became a regular mail-order customer. I can't live without Peet's Coffee at home, on the road and on the trail.! I also enjoy many of the Teas….. You are the very best!

Patricia F. , Dunsmuir

My first cup of Peet's was in 1978, while I was an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley. Having come from a rural area up in the Sierras, this was my first cup of serious coffee. I have been drinking Peet's ever since, even having some ground Sumatra sent to me to use in a French Press coffee maker while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. To this day, I still mail order my Peets from the roaster in Emeryville.

Redinger , New Haven, CT
Alfred Peet Started the Revolution

Going to Peet's in North Berkeley with my mom on summer mornings in the late 1960s when I was a teenager. She loved Peet's and would make a weekly run to North Berkeley to buy her Kona and later on Mocha Java. I remember sitting at the bar with her and my first delicious cappuccinos and lattes. She was always glowing with pleasure. I treasure the time we had together, just the two of us. Years later, both my children loved holding and sniffing the fragrant Peet's coffee pouches when we were making our own weekly runs to Peet's,

Cary , Davis

I was going to CAL in 1978 and my roommate was dating shut Michael who was a manager at the Berkeley's Peete's. He would bring us fresh beans and taught us how to grind them daily and use a Chemex. At 20 learned what great coffee was.

Katy B. , Berkeley, CA

MY DREAM JOB...PEETS. I would love to tour PEETS. I was a lifer of thou shall not be named, 2-3x's a day 8years ago. My husband drank Peets, I was oh no I don't drink PEETS, very defiant. My REVELATION came on a night after having dinner with a friend, she was trying to convince me to go to PEETS, which was right next door to the Sushi place, I finally relented and off we went. She ordered me a Skinny Vanilla Latte. I was up until 4am, cleaning like a mad-woman...jittering and eyes wide open, I called my friend and asked her what was in that coffee! I am a PEETNEEK for LIFE! MY love affair with PEETS have been going steady for 5 years and will not end. My personal favorite Barista are on first name basis, yes they know me, lol. When I going out I have to locate my PEETS wherever I go. "PEETS IS MY LIFE"! I coffee mugs, coffee to go mugs. Thank you Alfred, you have REAL COFFEE. ~Shana


I had my first cup of Peet's coffee in Berkeley not knowing at the time that was the birthplace of Peet's. Instantly hooked and have been a fan every since.

Ruggedrider , Berkeley, CA

My daughter was buying Peets coffee by the 2 lb bag and taking it back to Montana where she lives. Once, about ten years ago, I was with her and offered a small cup in any form I choose a small capachino and have been back EVERY morning since. I have everything Peets in my home and office. Nothing compares even in Europe. I love coming home to Peets.

Sally , Laurel village

I came to the USA in 1966--in Palo Alto(CA) actually. Disdaster for coffee: I called the stuff they called coffee: "dirty water". In 1967, my girl friend (now my wife) went to Berkeley to get a Master. OOOOOAAAAAHHHH! I discovered Peet's! My first good coffee in this country! I have been a Peetnick ever since. That store, by the way, is now a Peet's coffee museum. Go visit it if you are in the area.

Daniel , Portland, OR

My first Peet's was quite the eye opening experience. Before this, I thought, "coffee was coffee". Thanks to Peet's, I now know there are very different qualities of coffee. I had met a new friend, Yvonne. She managed the Peet's on Domingo ave. Across from the Claremont Hotel. I decided to stop by the store, to visit her. I had no idea, that the smell of coffee beans would be so overwhelming. I was wonderful. Then I tried the coffee, and I was sold. It was delicious. The aroma,the taste, and the atmosphere was a delight. I enjoyed it so much, that I ended up working at Peet's for a bit. Thanks for the great coffee, cheers

Jim , stockton

Peet's is the coffee that gets me going in the morning. Mehdi at the college location is always helpful and a joy to talk to every Sunday morning

Jessica , college ave Berkeley, CA

I worked for Peet's in their first store in Piedmont! Wow, fantastic people and fantastic coffee. I drive extra miles to get Peet's!

Sheila Miles , Piedmont Ca
I had my first cup of Peet's coffee with my Grandmother in Napa, CA, sometime around 2009. After I moved back to Davis, to pursue graduate school in 2011, I discovered that my favorite former haunt had been purchased by Peet's Coffee. It was not long before Peet's became my new favorite place to study, in the evenings. While the coffee is exceptional, I would like to acknowledge the employees who work at the Davis E Street location. It is rare to see a group of employees who are so skilled and genuine in regards to the quality of customer service they provide. They seem to genuinely look forward to seeing you when you come in, remember your name, and remember your favorite drink! In addition to serving excellent coffee, I feel that the friendliness and kindness of the employees enhances the ambiance of this particular Peet's location.
Rachel , Davis, CA

My husband and I moved from Michigan to California in 1985. We both stopped at the Peets on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland and had our first cup of French Roast. The rest is history. Have been Peetniks ever since that day!

Barbara , Oakland CA

I was in a co-op in New Hampshire looking for a new coffee to try and picked up a bag of Peet's because it looked local and community focused, like Peet was someone I'd meet if I walked into the store. Two years later I moved to Berkeley, just a few blocks from the original storefront and now it really is my community's coffee joint.

Alannah , Berkeley

Although my first PEETs goes back to 1974 on Vine St, my other "first" was the day the El Cerrito Peets opened. They asked how I was doing, and I said, "Happy," A bit later, they called out, "Happy" and I realized they were asking for my name, not my state of Being. Later, I modified my "Peets Name to "Happy Sometimes," but that is another story.

Happy , Bekeley Vine St

When I was in high school, my friend and I walked to Berkeley High School together every day. It was on those walks that we discovered a new shop "Peet's Coffee, Tea and Spices" on Virginia Street. The incredible scent coming out of this shop drew us in, and the man behind the counter (Mr. Peet) always greeted us and helped us to discover the world of tea. We were proud as we watched his shops grow throughout the bay area and then across the country. It is significant to me that his focus was not solely on coffee, and he wanted to share the many flavors of the world. Sadly, the spices are gone, the tea is nearly gone and alas, so is Mr. Peet. I drink coffee now, too, but my love and appreciation for my main beverage, tea, started with Mr. Peet and his original shop.

Sue , Astoria, Oregon

I tried Peets coffee and after that I fell in love with it..... I can not compare any coffee with Peets because for me it is The Best

Irina , Sansome

My first cup of Peet's coffee was the best ever, I am hooked.

glenn monteiro , boston

I didn't even like coffee until I went to the original Peet's store with my girlfriend nearly 40 years ago. The wonderful aroma convinced me to try it. It's so rich and delicious that now I can't imagine not drinking Peet's coffee every day.

Dale Becknell , Oakland, CA

Used to go to the Peets in Walnut Square in Berkeley in the 60's. Just a teenager then, but in love with your coffee!

Stacey , Calistoga, CA

My first memorable cup of Peets was over in Berkeley on walnut and vine. Care of my friend Rosie! Cool and foggy. Lotte was only 100 years old at the time!

Joseph , Vale de cole

The peets on telegraph is the friendliest place to be. Love the staff who are very helpful.

Louise , Oakland
I had a vanilla latte and it was the best vanilla latte I've ever had!
Nandika , Peets on Telegraph Ave
I responded to a ad for a financial position with Peets at the corporate headquarters in South San Francisco back in the 70's. I was offered a fresh cup of their coffee during my interview. I didn't get the job but they won a customer for life. I currently live less then 200 yds from the Peets at the Bon Air shopping center in Greenbrae, CA. and make it the end of my 2 mile jog every other day. I only get their small coffee in a for here cup but my family members have also gotten hooked and they go for the Lattes
David Jones , Greenbrae,CA

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