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Bali Blue Moon

Spicy and complex, with a satisfying weight in the cup and notes of dark chocolate and caramel.
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Flavor Notes

Spicy and complex like a Sumatra, but more refined, with dark chocolate and caramel notes.

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Spicy / Complex

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Brewing Methods

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How It Tastes

Bali Blue Moon has the same spicy, complex notes and backbone as Sumatra, just a bit finer. With less of the earthy, herbal punch, it starts and ends with smooth. Weighty in the cup, with dark chocolate and caramel notes and a syrupy body, it’s a great complement to blustery weather, an ideal mug to cradle in your hands as the weather starts to turn.


Indonesian coffees have been a staple here at Peet's since our founding. The most popular and well-known is Sumatra, but other Indonesian islands like Sulawesi, Flores and Bali produce gorgeous coffees with distinctive characters.

Bali is famous as a vacation destination but drive just a couple hours from the splashy beachside resorts and it’s a different world. The Kintamani region hugs the slopes of Mount Batur, and this coffee is grown in these lush highlands, at around 5,000 feet.

Worth Noting

The coffee cherries are harvested by a network of Balinese farmers called a Subak Abian—a traditional farmer organization in upland Bali—between May and October. Due to the humid, rainy climate, coffee is processed differently in Indonesia than elsewhere, hulled and dried in a series of steps that expose the bean to unique tropical influences. It’s a risky, less consistent practice, called Giling Basah, but it’s what gives Indonesian coffees their weighty spice and satisfaction. And it’s what gives these beans the striking dark blue-green color for which they’re named.

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