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Uzuri African Blend®

Price: $17.95  per lb.

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A beautiful, fully sustainable coffee that helps small-scale farmers improve their lives.
Flavor Notes:
Orange blossom, black cherry, silky-smooth body
About this coffee

Coffee story

In the words of Peet's Roastmaster Emeritus Jim Reynolds, "Coffee can be a powerful means of doing good." That sentiment is the soul of this blend, a unique combination of exquisite coffees from smallholder farmers throughout Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

Our partnership with the non-profit TechnoServe gives many of these farmers hands-on training to increase the yield and quality of their coffee crops so they can command more favorable prices. Over the years it’s been rewarding and inspiring to see many farmers, through their cooperatives, build schools, install power lines, and provide their communities access to affordable food, among other projects.

It was the farmers who gave this truly sustainable, distinctly African blend its name, Uzuri—which is Swahili for beautiful or excellent. We don't think there's any better way to describe coffee with such a flowery fragrance, smooth, malty-sweet flavors, and dark berry juiciness. Uzuri...beautiful.

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  • 1/25/18
  • Richard Chin
  • drinking Peet's since 2013
  • El Cerrito, CA

I have been drinking Peet's Coffee for about 4 years now. My favorite is Arabian Mocha Java. Recently I have not been able to buy my favorite coffee beans from Peet's. I bought Uzuri African Blend, Ethiopian Super Natural, and French Roast. Arabian Mocha Java is still my favorite. I am not a sophisticated coffee drinker. I can only say what tastes good to me. Uzuri and Ethiopian beans has similar aroma as Arabian Mocha Java (AMJ) beans, but AMJ coffee tastes and smells the best to me. The French Roast coffee is a little too bitter. Overall, coffee made from Uzuri and Ethiopian beans are close to AMJ, i.e., they are okay.

  • 12/31/17
  • Thom K
  • drinking Peet's since 2009
  • Lancaster , PA

Been drinking Peet’s for many years and my go to favorite is Major Dickinson’s . Stopped at Peet’s In Baltimore and bought the Uzuri and glad I did. If you like Dickinson you should like the full bodied but not bitter Uzuri.

  • 12/28/17
  • Kevin
  • drinking Peet's since Early
  • Woodland Hills California, CA

A t first taste. I would call the Uzuri Elegant. Its not Kona but it is something I could get very comfortable with..

Thank you Peets for a great find.
At a great Price..

  • 8/16/17
  • Rob Morse
  • drinking Peet's since 2000
  • Charlotte, NC

This coffee is full bodied and delicious. Peet's has a great selection of coffee. I used to get this all the time in the supermarket but they stopped carrying it. I may settle on one coffee down the road but right now I'm enjoying trying them all. I only wished they came in 1/2 pounds so I don't have to store so many at once.

  • 8/13/17
  • Ramesh Indhewat
  • drinking Peet's since 2000
  • Bangkok, NJ

I've been a Peet's addict since 1999. I usually order Major Dickason's Blend or Espresso Forte. This time I decided to try Uzuri African. I'm so glad I did!

This is a very well balanced coffee, with mild acidity and marked berry notes with a very light floral hint. Makes and excellent espresso that is smooth with no bitterness. It also makes and extremely satisfying brew from a Moka pot, with steamed milk.

5 of 23 Reviews | View All

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