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Red Cloud Cacao

Item No. 505224

Available: Peet's Store

Pure cacao nibs and cacao shells with vanilla give this Signature Black Tea Blend its heavenly chocolate character.

Flavor Notes

A hearty black tea with notes of chocolate – not the other way around

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About this tea

Tea Story

We set out to make a tea with notes of chocolate, and not the other way around. We sourced a rich and hearty new whole leaf black tea from Hunan province in central China which inspired us as the perfect match for the other three ingredients: cacao, cacao, and vanilla. First there’s Venezuelan-grown cacao shells (the husk of the cacao bean) that carry a surprising amount of flavor. Hidden more deeply in the blend you’ll find cacao nibs, the delicious roasted heart of the bean; nibs are the source of all things chocolate. Lastly there’s a bit of vanilla to round out the experience.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to a rolling boil; steep tea for 5 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.
Add milk and sugar for a decadent cup.

Customer Reviews
  • Jennifer , drinking Peet's since 2012 1/25/15
  • Hayward, CA

My favorite way to drink this delightful decadent tea. Brew for the full 5 minutes, add maple syrup, and then a splash of your preferred dairy/cream product. So good.

  • Jay , drinking Peet's since 2003 3/23/14
  • San Diego, CA

I have been drinking Peet's green teas for years. This was my first black tea purchase. I fell in love! I also just started adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to in. I can't wait to get up in the morning so I can have my Red Cloud Cacao. Oh how I wish you would make it a permanent offering!

  • Jen , drinking Peet's since 2012 2/14/14
  • San Francisco, CA

This is hands down my favorite Peet's tea. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE move it from seasonal availability to everday!!!!

  • Sara G. , drinking Peet's since 2004 9/27/13
  • San Bruno, CA

Phenomenal! I am buying a few containers for Christmas for my tea drinking friends.

  • Black Mammoth , drinking Peet's since 1988 9/6/13
  • La Quinta, CA

One of the most delicious teas I've ever tasted. Like drinking a chocolate bar, without the sticky gooey mess.

I'm definitely ordering more before it's gone!

  • Nancy , drinking Peet's since 1972 9/1/13
  • Fort Collins, CO

Absolutely lovely! I particularly enjoy this tea in the mid-afternoon with a small splash of heavy cream.

Employee Reviews
  • Lily , drinking Peet's since 2013 2/28/13
  • RA
  • Lafayette
  • Lafayette, CA

I was intrigued but skeptical when I first heard about Red Cloud Cacao. This tea won me over pretty quickly by how complementary and carefully blended it is. It's quite smooth, mellow, and probably the best dessert tea you could ask for. I've been recommending it to customers and friends alike to almost unanimous approval. (The one outlier being a loyal Kalimpong drinker who appreciated it, but it just wasn't his kind of tea)

Very distraught to hear this will just be a limited offering. Please bring this back, hopefully by next year!

  • Megan F , drinking Peet's since 2011 2/24/13
  • RA
  • San Mateo - Bay Meadows
  • Redwood City, CA

I'm not a black tea drinker other than Winter Solstice, but this has won me over. I don't even need to add milk or sugar, just straight up is mild enough, and the flavors still shine.
I am sad to hear this was only a seasonal offering, but here's hoping it comes back next year.

2015-02-27 11:23:20

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