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Chemex Lover's Essentials Brewing Kit

The perfect brewing kit to create a unique craft coffee experience at home - Chemex® glass mugs, 8-cup Chemex® coffee maker, Chemex® natural coffee filters, stainless steel scoop, AirScape canister.

Each Brew Kit comes with a 1/2 pound (whole bean) of
Peet's signature Major
Dickason's Blend.

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Chemex® Brewing Instructions 1. Fill kettle with measured water and heat to boiling. While the water is heating, rinse the folded paper filter with good tap water. 2. Separate the 1st layer from the other layers of the folded square, forming a funnel. 3. Place into the top of the Chemex maker and pour the coffee grounds into the funnel. 4. Once the water has reached a boil, remove from heat and cool for 30 seconds. 5. Pour a third of the heated water over the grounds to saturate. The grounds will puff up and deflate slightly. 6. Slowly pour the remainder of the heated water over the grounds, aiming for the center of the funnel. Do not stir. 7. Allow the coffee to filter through completely. The complete brew process may take up to 10 minutes. 8. Remove the filter and swirl the carafe full of brewed coffee to evenly distribute the flavor. For best results, use with Chemex filters or the stainless steel Kone Coffee filter.
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How to brew with a Chemex

An iconic brewer with a timeless design invented in 1941, the Chemex is easy to use and easy on the eyes. It brews a clean cup and maintains body and balanced floral notes.

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from San Antonio, TX on 9/29/2014. Drinking Peet's since 1971.

I'm reviewing the preview of this item with great interest. I am the originator of the 'swirler' an at home process that swirls the coffee in a natural filter directly into your cup. I microwave filtered water in pyrex and pour into the freshly ground Fair Trade Blend, swirl until filtered, drink immediately. It is a sumptuous cup of Peet's coffee and I can't wait to try this Brewing Kit! It's finally coffee the way I love it to be brewed. If Santa is reading my email... I guess I will have to cc him in. We love Peet's and can't wait for the Holiday Blend with a Chemex Lover's Essentials Brewing Kit, then I will review it first hand.