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Aged Sumatra

Price: $17.95  per lb.

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Known for complex flavors originally developed on Dutch spice trade voyages, now imparted by our aging method.
Flavor Notes:
Rich and ample-bodied. Dried fruit sweetness, tropical wood and herbal notes.
About this coffee

Coffee story

It comes to us from the Indo Pacific, but Aged Sumatra is really a gift from the Dutch. The unique and complex flavor of this rich coffee owes its origin to long journeys across the trade routes, when the beans were transported with spices in wooden-hulled ships. Mr. Peet, also of Dutch origin, was instrumental in spreading the wealth of this "spice box of flavors" here.

He knew how hard it is to find really good aged coffees. Most exporters aren't willing to endure the lengthy aging process before selling their beans. And not all of those who do it start out with beans good enough to become aged coffee for Peet's customers. The aging process deepens flavors while also mellowing them, accentuating certain notes over others — but it doesn't add flavor to mediocre beans.

Even when you start with the right coffee, you also need the right climate. Aging has to take place in a tropical environment where the beans can absorb moisture during the monsoon season, and release some of it during the drier months, without ever being allowed to dry out completely. That's how the coffee develops its concentrated body and distinctly nuanced aroma.

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  • 2/26/18
  • Buz
  • drinking Peet's since 1990s
  • Atlanta, GA

After many years of trying just about all of them, this is probably our favorite. Nicely aromatic with a smoky-woodsy feel, rich yet still very smooth. It does not have the caffeine kick you get with some other brands.

  • 2/22/18
  • Jack
  • drinking Peet's since 1970
  • Boca Raton, FL

Been drinking Peet’s since I lived in Berkley in 1970, moved to L.A. and every other month or so I had to drive up to get a stash of Peet’s to last me. Once they went mail order it became monthly and easier. I Moved to New York and continued with Peet’s as there is no other coffee like it anywhere. Now in South Florida, I continue my 2lbs of Aged Sumatra monthly with a mixed flavor every so often. In my son’s school (FAU university Boca) they have a Peet’s coffee stand, it makes my trips there happier! There is nothing as satisfying as a cup of Peet’s coffee anywhere!

  • 11/14/17
  • Mike Doyle
  • drinking Peet's since ~2010
  • Mendham, NJ

I'm struggling with the rating for Peets Aged Sumatra. I read the reviews and purchased it based on those and reviews of other roaster's Sumatra coffee's. I am a long time user of Chemex Coffeemakers (over 30 years). I can't get this coffee to the point that I like it (e.g. vs Major Dickason) in the Chemex. I've tried changing concentration (15x to 17x), water temp (195 to 204), pouring technique, stir no stir, etc. The coffee taste "flat" chalky, burnt notes, etc. None of the nuance that I expected. I've moved the coffee to my office where I use a French Press, while it is better it's still not what I expected.

  • 12/2/16
  • Gary
  • drinking Peet's since 1986
  • Sunnyvale, CA

Peet's finest coffee if you brew strong.

  • 10/9/15
  • Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
  • drinking Peet's since 1995
  • Tucson, AZ

No Other Coffee Bean Even Comes Close!

I LOVE Unusual Tastes, just as I LOVE Single Malt Scotch and the one I like is the Strongest and Most Potent Flavored of them all it is SO SMOKEY I Tell people it is like drinking a Campfire! It is called "Lagavulin" and you can read about it here, but EXACTLY as these beans are aged in wooden ship hulls originally so with Single Malt Scotch and there is only one location in the world where the moisture off the sea imparts this special "smokey" flavor when combined with a specific wooden barrel which it is aged in... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagavulin_distillery

Peets Aged Sumatra is like the "Lagavulin" of the Coffee Industry! And make no mistake, it is not for everyone's taste but those who like it LOVE IT like nothing else!

I tried this coffee probably 20 years ago at Peets in Silicon Valley while working at Netscape, around the same time I discovered "Lagavulin" scotch (Making that kind of money in your 30's will enable you to do that stuff :) in the early days of the Internet Revolution and I instantly switched from Starbucks to Peets as there is absolutely NO COMPARISON when it comes to the quality of the coffees between the two in my opinion. And if Peets is above Starbucks overall then Aged Sumatra is Above ALL Coffee Beans IMNSHO!

This is by far for me the most YUMMY COFFEE EVER!!! It is unlike any other coffee you will EVER TASTE and for me the ONLY COFFEE I WOULD DRINK IF I COULD!!!

5 of 12 Reviews | View All

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2018-03-17 10:27:31

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