New Guinea Highlands

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The volcanic soil of Papua New Guinea turns Jamaican Blue Mountain beans into one of the world’s best coffees.
Roasts every Wednesday.
Flavor Notes:
Rich and mellow, yet aromatically complex. Full-bodied with broad flavors.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Travel just north of Australia and you'll reach the second-largest island on the planet, New Guinea. Blessed with rich volcanic soils and perhaps the most ideal climate for growing coffee, the island is divided evenly between two territories — the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya on the west and the country of Papua New Guinea, where this coffee comes from, on the east.

The beans in this Peet's favorite were originally imported from Jamaica's Blue Mountain region in 1937, bringing with them the dawn of coffee cultivation in Papua New Guinea. Indo-Pacific conditions proved immensely favorable to Jamaican coffee, producing a complete, complex cup that recalls the old Blue Mountain style, before the influx of high-yield, less flavorful varietals. We think its broad, mellow flavors, aromatic complexity, and full body make it one of the world's absolute best.

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  • 7/22/17
  • Mark
  • drinking Peet's since 1980'
  • Torrance, CA

I'm usually a Major Dickasons coffee drinker, but just tried this new guinea highlands coffee and it's really good. Great black, but even better with some steamed milk, very smooth, great rich coffee smells. Was intrigued by reading it's the same blue mountain type of coffee but grown in new guinea. Dark roasted and oily, which is my type of coffee.

  • 7/16/17
  • Rick
  • St. Louis, MO

WOW, what a nice surprise! Tried this on a whim and boy am I glad I did! Smooth, structured and full of flavor this is right up there with my other favorite - the Major!

  • 6/29/17
  • Sheri
  • drinking Peet's since a lon
  • Westerville, OH

Just tried New Guinea Highlands and it's my new favorite. Full of flavor and very smooth. Perfect anytime of the day. Might be Peet's best coffee....!

  • 6/25/17
  • Amy
  • drinking Peet's since 2016
  • Beachwood, OH

of course, we all have our own strong opinions about what the ideal flavor profile of our morning cup should taste like; for me, it's New Guinea Highlands! I thank the Peet's employee in Lexington MA for suggesting it! I'm a fan of many of Peet's coffees, but this is my favorite. It's very accommodating to my mood--cafe au lait, black, iced--no matter what the choice it works well. And that's not to imply that it has a nondescript flavor, as the Peet's profile states, it's full-bodied and complex. It's a cup that's worth waking up for!

  • 3/30/17
  • Christopher
  • Parma, OK

Best coffee Peet's offers. Been waiting forever for them to put it in a K-cup... maybe some day.

5 of 17 Reviews | View All

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