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Espresso Forte®

Price: $16.95  per lb.

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Crafted specifically for espresso, this superbly balanced blend has stout body, rich flavor and perfect crema.
Flavor Notes:
Robust, with rounded body, thick, creamy consistency and a tangy core of flavor.
About this coffee

Coffee story

While many of our coffees make an excellent espresso, this is the first blend we created specifically for that most demanding method of preparation. With bold, rich flavors and a name that signifies strength, Espresso Forte strikes the perfect balance between the earthy depth of coffee from the Indo-Pacific and the bright, lively spiciness that's characteristic of the Americas.

Everything we love in espresso, this blend has effusive aroma, stout body and luscious crema enveloping a tangy core of pure coffee flavor. Fortissimo!

Brewing Tips

Espresso brewing enhances the coffee's best attributes and robust, well-rounded flavors, but a press pot or cone filter also delivers an exceptional cup. We recommend sipping slowly, among friends.

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  • 10/8/17
  • Rodger Dawson
  • drinking Peet's since 1960
  • Santa Barbara , CA

I used to drink coffee for the “buzz” - but the darker roasts had more of my preferred flavor.
Alas, seemingly the darker the roast, the less buzz! Apparently the caffeine is dissipated by the longer roast!?

  • 8/8/17
  • Shelly-Anne
  • drinking Peet's since 08/09
  • Colebrook, NH

This is the best coffee I have had so far. Well balanced, creamy and sublime with a small kick. Unlike other coffees, there is no bitter or burnt after taste. Sadly, there isn't a Peet's in Montreal, Quebec..

  • 7/6/17
  • Dede
  • drinking Peet's since 1970'
  • Mill Valley & Palm Desert, CA

I've been drinking Peet's since the 1970's when UCB became part of my life. Later, Peet's opened a mountain side kiosk between Cal's Camp Blue and Camp Gold at the Lair of the Golden Bear where adults can retreat from the cubs and activities, drink real coffee, and read in peace. Now I "subscribe" and my expresso machine grinds out a classic cup of Expresso Forte for me every morning, and I french-press some Sumatra most afternoons. I LOVE the smell of the fresh beans when they arrive at the door.

  • 6/12/17
  • ray g
  • drinking Peet's since first
  • Whitewright, TX

One of my favorites very stout but not bitter. Great smell. My pouch says Dark roast not Deep roast. I think of roasts as Light Medium and Dark and honestly no idea what a deep roast would even be.

  • 12/2/16
  • Gordon

Bought a bag of this Espresso Forte once when I ran out of Peet's Arabian Mocha Java. This espresso is surprisingly well rounded and rich both in French press and the aeropress, and though it won't completely supplant my top favorite, I missed it enough that I want it at home just because of the excellent contrast it provides.

5 of 9 Reviews | View All

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2018-06-25 05:30:33

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