Sumatra - DECAF

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With the same richness and character as our regular Sumatra, it’s hard to imagine this is a decaf coffee.
Flavor Notes:
Very full-bodied, with rustic complexity. Earthy, nutty, subtly herbal flavors.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Sumatra, perhaps the quintessential Indonesian coffee, doesn't grow on estates or big farms. It comes from the backyards and garden plots of small landholders, who often have only a few trees. Yet, it's the elementary way they process beans by hand, using the semi-washed method, that could be the secret to this coffee's unconstrained flavor and hefty, syrup-like body.

Cherries are pulped on the farm with a hand-cranked mill, and the seeds hand washed in a basket. Collectors purchase and hull the coffee while still moist and dark grayish-green, removing the parchment shells and allowing the beans to sun-dry only briefly before delivering them to the port of Medan. Along the way, they become fully dry in stages — acquiring their characteristic Sumatran earthiness and complexity.

Because each lot might include the beans of 100 different farmers, great Sumatra relies on strong relationships and sharp tasting skills. We sample exhaustively for every lot we select, looking for the most exceptional body and sweet herbal nuances to coax out with our signature Peet's roast. The result is a gutsy, glorious coffee that brews a richly seductive cup.

And it's precisely the depth and complexity of Sumatra's flavors that give it the integrity to withstand decaffeination better than any other coffee, allowing us to use the very same beans for both versions.

Decaf Sumatra is as complexly sweet and nuanced as the original — with all the characteristic herbal, nutty, earthy nuances. Most people would never guess it's decaffeinated. Whether or not you can tell, we think you'll find it equally satisfying. Try it as espresso at one of our stores.

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  • 12/9/17
  • Bridgett
  • drinking Peet's since 1986
  • Concord , CA

The Sumatra is such a great coffee and definitely one of my favorites with a smooth, bold flavor. I often blend with a French roast for half and half combo (both decaf). I don’t know what I would do without Peet’s!

  • 10/26/16
  • Richard
  • drinking Peet's since 1975
  • Walnut Creek, CA

Superb decaf coffee. I have never had another as good from any other coffee roaster.

  • 6/1/16
  • Denise LaGrange
  • drinking Peet's since 2002
  • North Beach, MD

I discovered Peet's Sumatra about 15 years ago when I was visiting my son in California. I tried to cut back on caffeine and was happy that I could get it in a decaf. The downside was that it is expensive to have it shipped. The decaf flavor is the same as regular - rich and delicious! and I love that it is low acid. I just wish it was available in markets.

  • 3/22/16
  • Jenny
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

I may get a bit disappointed occasionally that the current Peet's special blend of coffee is not available in decaf. But I comfort myself with the knowledge that they always have my favorite Sumatra when I need it. I sometimes share with guests, and they never complain about the lack of caffeine - only want more of that oh-so-good coffee! As a coffee lover that had to give up the caffeine myself, I consider my subscription of Sumatra a vital necessity.

  • 1/16/16
  • Luz
  • drinking Peet's since 1993

It works great when it's grind very fine and you use it on your esspreso machine. Specially tose nights when you do not want the caffeine, but a great taste.

5 of 11 Reviews | View All

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