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Kenya Auction Lot

Price: $18.95  per lb.

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The most prized auction and private sale microlots, never blended but artisan roasted one after the other.
Flavor Notes:
Big and juicy. Browned sugar sweetness with sublime berry and citrus overtones.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Established more than 100 years ago, the Kenya Auction is the ultimate meritocracy for coffee, with the top prices awarded to the most exquisite lots, sampled in cupping rooms around the world. Many people say Kenyan coffee is the best there is; we don't think there's any better Kenyan coffee than our Auction Lot.

When the crop is at its seasonal best in March and April, we work with our longstanding partner in Kenya to narrow hundreds of top-grade lots at auction down to a select few that meet our standards for perfection. It's an absolute frenzy — we receive samples directly from the auction and have only a day to taste, debate, compare, and decide on our bids. With the emergence of private sales a few years ago, we will also purchase outside the auction, but only from the same august co-op societies, in the same small bag quantities, and typically at even higher prices.

Fortunately, more than 25 years of experience buying directly from the Kenya Auction gives us an advantage in this competition. Our approach is precision buying at the highest level, and we bid only on the choicest single lots, rather than stock blends created by exporters. And although we may walk away with the prize, the real winners are Kenya coffee drinkers who love its juicy, complex flavors, brown-sugar sweetness, and dazzling dark berry aromas.

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  • 3/2/18
  • Jun Han
  • drinking Peet's since 2010
  • Cleveland, OH

I am a long time fan for Kenya Lot. I am not sure it is only this batch or not , but the one roasted on 2/20 /18 was not as good as before. Beans are small and not much aroma. Just returned them. Want the purchase team hear my voice, bring the big and juicy beans back, thanks!

  • 1/14/18
  • Susan Ruckman
  • drinking Peet's since 2007
  • Frederick, MD

This is really delicious coffee. Although this is dark roast, there is no bitterness or smokiness, two characteristics that I don't care for. It's smooth, flavorfull, with a nice aroma while brewing. It's my favorite so far, along with the Columbian, which is milder but an excellent coffee. I hope that the Kenya Auction Lot will not be discontinued.

  • 12/3/17
  • Bob
  • drinking Peet's since 3 yea
  • Lake Park, FL

Delicious. Once I got used to this and tried some normal coffee... needless to say it tasted horrible.

Peet's is a guilty pleasure. I fear that once you get used to it and some of the even better online variations you can never go back to normal coffee. I'm dead serious. I think I'll try something else after this and compare the two. This stuff is really the bee's knees though.

  • 9/2/17
  • Clinton
  • drinking Peet's since 2007
  • Cedar City, UT

Amazing is the only way to describe this coffee! It's one of the best coffees from Africa I've ever tasted.

  • 2/18/17
  • Tom C
  • drinking Peet's since 1982
  • Flagstaff, AZ

This Kenya Auction Lot is some of the finest Peet's coffee I have had the pleasure of drinking. I hope the rumor that it is being phased out is fake news.

5 of 16 Reviews | View All

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