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Plastic Filter Cone No. 2

Item No. 473076

Price:   $2.50
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This plastic cone filter is perfect for making a single cup of your favorite drip coffee.
Simply place it over a mug and use with a #2 Peet's Paper Filter.
Base is 4.75 inches across. Made in Holland.

Pour-Over Drip Brewing Recommendations

Ingredients and Supplies
• 12 oz fresh, filtered water
• 4 Tbsp coffee, ground fresh for cone filter
• Single-serve filter cone
• Cone-shaped gold or paper filter
• 14 oz capacity mug
• Spoon

1. While water is heating, place filter into the filter cone and set on top of mug; if using a paper filter, rinse the filter with hot water to minimize papery flavors.
2. Measure the grounds into the filter.
3. Bring water to boil, remove from heat and let cool slightly. Pour about a third of the water over the grounds to saturate. Wait about 30 seconds for the grinds to puff up and then deflate slightly.
4. Slowly pour the remainder of the heated water over the grounds, aiming for the center of the cone and stirring the grounds as you pour.
5. Allow the coffee to filter through completely, and stir the brewed coffee in your mug before enjoying.

Click here to download a printable recipe card.
Customer Reviews
  • Christopher , drinking Peet's since 2002 3/16/15
  • Fort Lee, NJ

I love brewing my coffee with plastic filter cones - in my opinion, the taste rivals French Press, without the messy cleanup. I had excellent results from my Melitta "Aroma Filter 1x1," until it cracked after years of use.

However, this "No. 2" cone seemed oversized for my 8 oz cup of coffee. It has four holes on the bottom, compared to one on the Melitta, and it brewed the coffee at least twice as fast. What I've heard should be a 2 minute process after the "bloom" was done within a minute, and only one pour instead of two. Not surprisingly, the coffee tasted more watery. In the past, Peet's "No. 1" filters corresponded to "No. 2" in Melitta or Trader Joe's filters, so this may be another case of non-standard sizing.

Can't beat the price, though.

  • Karen McTrotsky , drinking Peet's since 2009 1/17/12
  • Peabody, MA

I have been using a version of the No. 2 plastic filter for years, starting when I realized that drip coffee makers were putrid. My spouse presented me with a $239 single-cup maker for Christmas. I paid even less than the 2.50 here. With the machines, the coffee flavor is regulated by the people who pack the little cup thingies, not by my taste. I use a little electric kettle that cost me 18 bucks and they last about six years. And the cost per cup, for Peets, is about 75 cents per cup. Do I sent the machine back and engender hurt feelings?

  • Will 7/8/09
  • Pleasant Hill, CA

Best thing ever invented! Why buy a coffee maker when you can heat up your water and pour yourself a tall cup of Peet's delicious coffee? It's under $3.00! Where can you find a deal like that anymore?? Buy one immediately!!

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