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Create the perfect cup of coffee with Peet’s official stainless steel scoop. Measures two tablespoons.
Use one scoop for each 6 oz. of water, and enjoy!
Customer Reviews
  • Barista Bill , drinking Peet's since Starb 4/3/14
  • West Richland, WA

Delighted to see this here. Except for the brushed finish it is identical to one Starbucks sold many years ago...My wife absconded with it to measure laundry detergent. Never found one I liked as well. I will be in Berkely in a couple months for a nephew's graduation. Top of the list is to go to Peet's and buy at least 2 for me. One to use and one to rat hole. PS, it looks to me like Peet's has not yielded to the pressures of a super automatic machine. I'm looking forward to a few crafted shots as well.

  • Bobbietom , drinking Peet's since 1993 4/9/13
  • Menlo Park, CA

The long handle helps get to the bottom of a pound bag of Peets with success and less grounds covering your hand (and wasted).
I have yet to see another 2 TBL spoon with a long handle, much less built as well as this one. My spoon is 10 years old, and you would think I got it yesterday. Thank you Peets!

  • Water Sound , drinking Peet's since 1966 8/3/11
  • Susanville, CA

After a friend gave me several of these a year for about 10 years I bought a steel spoon

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