Inside the Cup

Brewing Methods

We make sure the finest beans go
into every bag – but how you get
them in your cup is a matter of taste.
Peruse our favorite brewing methods
for proper technique and tips.

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Press Pot Brewing

Infuse your way to flavor »

How Coffee is Grown

Mountain air, volcanic soil and careful attention to each and every bean. Crafting the world's finest coffee starts from the ground up »

A Dedicated Roast

Our master craftsmen rely on able hands to roast each small batch to its rich, distinctive best. Meet the experts behind Peet's signature roast »

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Roasted to Order

Order your coffee online today and we'll roast and ship it to you tomorrow. That's how we craft the freshest coffee, every time »

The Art of Cupping

Coffee is a lot like wine – the flavor is decided by the variety, the terroir and the caretaker. Explore the finer points of coffee tasting »

Deep Knowledge

Passion for coffee starts with curiosity. Over the years, we’ve asked a lot of questions – and found a few answers. Read our coffee FAQs »

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