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Flavor Belongs in Your Cup

The fresher your coffee, the better it tastes. We want every cup to be
a full-flavored experience.

Roasted coffee is a perishable food, just like produce or artisan bread. A few days after roasting, when the aroma springs from the bag and the intriguing tapestry of flavors is sharp, is when it's at its peak. That's when we want it in your hands. And we’re dedicated to this goal, packaging beans fresh from the roaster so all the delicious richness is yours to enjoy. Whatever it takes, we make sure every cup of Peet's coffee is nothing short of perfect.

Our Roast-to-Order Commitment

The coffee you order online today gets roasted and shipped tomorrow. It doesn’t sit around to de-gas before packaging or go to a warehouse and wait to be ordered — because we measure freshness in hours and days, not weeks and months. Specifically, we measure it at about one hour. That’s how fast our freshly roasted beans are packaged and sent for shipping. Exposure to air, light, and moisture diminishes flavor, even when coffee is sealed in a bag, so we make sure you get it immediately after roasting with all the fragrant aromas and depth intact.

Delivering on this promise means our roasters arrive at 4 a.m. to start carefully hand-roasting all 32 Peet’s coffees in small batches, strictly for the quantities ordered the previous day. They’re then joined every day by our coffee buyer to taste each small batch for perfect consistency. Once they’re satisfied our exceedingly high standards have been met, they approve the coffee for shipping. We pack the fresh beans right away, removing all the oxygen before sealing the bags. The coffee we roasted that morning is already on its way to you by the end of the day, and usually received within 24 hours of roasting.

Perfection Is Worth Preserving

Peet's coffee is always at its absolute freshest when you receive it. But if you ever have coffee you're not sure about, check for these signs:

Aroma — It should be intensely fragrant, enveloping you when it escapes the bag.

Bloom — Fresh grounds excite into a bubbly froth when mixed with hot water.

Flavor — Coffee should taste complex and vibrant when it's fresh, not flat or bland.

There are also some steps you can take to keep your coffee fresh longer at home. First, remember that whole bean coffee retains freshness better than ground, so it's best to buy whole beans and grind them at home. We recommend buying in small quantities — weekly, if possible — to be sure you’re starting with the most recent roast and most flavorful beans.

When your coffee arrives, decant it into an airtight container that you store in a cool, dark, and dry place. Grind your beans just before brewing to release their aromatic complexities at the moment you're ready to savor them, and try to make only what you expect to drink within 30 minutes. Reheating coffee or letting it sit on a burner gives it a scorched, stale taste. Fresh beans deserve a fresh brew.

It's A Promise, Not a Slogan

Because we exclusively roast every single bean to order, there's never any doubt about our coffee's freshness. That’s why we're so sure your Peet's coffee will be incredibly fresh and flavorful, we proudly offer a complete Freshness Guarantee. If our coffee doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, we'll either replace it or refund the full cost, no questions asked. Just contact us at customerservice@peets.com or call (800) 999-2132 and we’ll take care of it.

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