Ethiopian Fancy

An elegant experience from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, meticulously prepared by the washed method.
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  • Flavor Notes
    Medium-bodied and pungent, with tangy citrus flavors and lingering floral aroma.
  • Flavor Category
    Fruity / Floral
  • Roast Level
  • Origin
    Africa & Arabia
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About this coffee

Roast Level

Ethiopian Fancy
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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Press Pot
  • Cold Brew
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How It Tastes

Medium-bodied and pungent, with tangy citrus flavors and lingering floral aroma.


We have Ethiopia to thank for coffee. It's the birthplace of the bean, which still grows wild there in resplendent diversity. In fact, it's the region's botanical variety that makes Ethiopian coffee so special, bestowing beans with a distinctive appearance and aroma — long and slightly curved, with a beautiful floral scent that reminds some of jasmine blossoms. Ours comes from Yirgacheffé in the Sidamo state, east of Lake Abaya, where we find special lots that best exemplify these qualities. The coffee we select for Ethiopian Fancy is the finest washed Arabica, prepared in a fashion that enhances its uniquely refined flavors. Perfectly ripe cherries are picked and pulped the same day. Careful fermentation loosens the gelatinous fruit, and the coffee is then washed in high mountain waters. Cleansed beans are gently dried on raised beds, where farmers rotate them frequently to prevent any sun-scorching. This method produces a bright, tangy brew with peerless clarity of flavor.

Worth Noting

Alfred Peet thought this medium-bodied coffee deserved to be called "Fancy," and it's easy to taste why. Its pungent floral aroma lingers almost like a perfume, giving way to distinct, lemony citrus notes.
Perfecting the process

Coffee, 50 Years in the Making

We've learned a lot in 50 years. From tasting coffee three times before the beans even arrive at our roastery, to waking up at 4am to deep-roast each bean by hand, to personally testing every order before it ships —everything we do is committed to bringing you the freshest, fullest flavor in every cup.

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Reviews (13)
Average rating:
from Fremont, CA on 6/8/2019. Drinking Peet's since 1987 .

One year, 2003 ish... I worked almost across the street from Peets on Homer in Palo Alto, CA. So I would make my jaunt over for a cup. OMG one day I was floored with a coffee. After my 3rd cup I asked what they were serving that day. Yup Ethiopian Fancy. I was hooked. What an all around lovely coffee, great mouth feel, and a multitude of flavors, deep and rich.

Its been what over 16 years for me now, its always a consistent roast and flavor, and the smell!. Very beautiful for a morning coffee, or after a fine meal.

Regarding the other posts that are not favorable, I can see their issue, but would attribute that to most likely to improper brewing methods, possibly taste. You cannot please everyone I guess. I have improperly brewed it using too much water, or improper grinding, and it can mess up the after taste (of just about any coffee), especially the beginning and aftertaste, and mouth feel. TO also give a negative review saying they been drinking something else first is inconclusive. I'd never drink coffee right after using Listerine for example, and especially not go online to complain. :)

from San Antonio, TX on 4/17/2019. Drinking Peet's since 2017.

Heavy citrus with a hint of pepper. A good way of learning if you'll like African coffees is to try to Ethiopian Fancy. One of the best regardless of how it's brewed.

from LOS ANGELES, CA on 3/17/2019. Drinking Peet's since I hav.

THIS ETHIOPIAN FANCY" IS A WONDERFUL COFFEE! THUS FAR my favorite coffee has been Sulawesi-Kalosi - a deep, complex coffee with subtle layers of flavor. I also rate Arabian Moka Java and now, Ethiopian Fancy as the other 2 best coffees; all 3 have complex, full-bodied flavor that is impossible not to appreciate.

from Palm Bay, FL on 3/14/2019. Drinking Peet's since 2016.

Every month I try a new blend, this one is the only disappointment in over two years. Not as rich and has a strange after taste. My favorite so far is Brazil Minas Naturals. Will keep trying...

from Nebraska City, NE on 4/24/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2018.

Ethiopian Fancy has its own unique flavor and aftertaste. It has turned some heads at work when I brew it in a pour over. Definitely one of my top 3 roasts so far. Although I really enjoyed the Ethiopian Supernatural and that's what got me turned on to drinking Peets coffee in the first place. Ethiopian Supernatural is by far the best coffee I have ever had and is my number 1 coffee thus far and I wish Peets would keep this a year round coffee.