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Espresso Capsules Sampler

Intensity: 8-11. The boldness of Peet’s signature dark espresso in a convenient capsule that fits your Nespresso® Original machine*. Explore all four rich, intense blends with a 10-count pack of each.
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Espresso Capsules Sampler
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Intensity: 8-11. The boldness of Peet’s signature dark espresso in a convenient capsule that fits your Nespresso® Original machine.* Explore all four rich, intense blends with a 10-count pack of each.


Delve into a deeper kind of dark with the complexity and nuances of Peet’s signature dark espresso, available in a convenient capsule that fits your Nespresso® Original machine. Intensity 11: Nerrisimo is espresso’s bittersweet, pleasantly biting answer to those who say you can’t have dessert all day. With milk or cream, bellissimo. Black as night, sweet as a brûlée topping. Intensity 10: Ristretto, like a concentrated “short pull” espresso made by one of our baristas, delivers a sumptuous truffle of flavor. Notes of crushed spice and rich fruit with chocolate smoothness. Intensity 9: Crema Scura is inspired by the “dark crema” we work to perfect in Peet’s cafes. A thick and luxurious espresso with full bodied, earthy, nutty notes balanced by a creamy, enduring finish. Intensity 8: Ricchezza appeals with richness rather than power. A study in the plush layered textures of a complex espresso with wine-like nuance and notes of blossom, berry, and brown sugar.

Worth Noting

Each capsule is sealed to preserve aromas and deliver a more intense espresso experience and a richer, smoother, and creamier foam. They offer stable brewing, an exact pull, and more consistent interaction with Nespresso® brewers. And with 100% Arabica, each capsule delivers the high-quality coffee sourcing that consumers expect from Peet’s.

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., not affiliated with Peet's Coffee, Inc. Compatible with most Nespresso Original machines.
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from Oak Hill, VA on 7/19/2019. Drinking Peet's since 1986.

Excellent as you would expect from PEETS and recycling is a plus! I have been a PEETS fan since living in California in the 80's and had it mail ordered when I moved to Hawaii. I have a Nespresso machine and was so excited to see that PEETS had these compatible capsules. Depth of flavor and quality did not disappoint!

from Bainbridge, WA on 7/7/2019. Drinking Peet's since Drink. A Peet's Employee.

I tried them and really liked #8, but can't figure out how to buy without the others so back to Nespresso I guess

from Castle Rock, CO on 4/1/2019. Drinking Peet's since 2011.

I first tried these when I saw them for sale at Costco. I was skeptical as other generic Nespresso capsules I've tried have never compared to the quality of Nespresso. Not worth the price savings. I have to say these are just as good, if not better than Nespresso. I have never seen it offered again at Costco so I now buy on Peet's website when there is a sale. Really great coffee, and when purchased on sale, cheaper than Nespresso. Plus, the capsules look so pretty in the silver bowl I keep next to my Nespresso machine :)

from San Diego, CA on 2/27/2019. Drinking Peet's since 2017.

These are fantastic! Really flavorful! They are my favorite cups for Nespresso machines

from Lake Forest , CA on 1/8/2019. Drinking Peet's since 2008.

With the current promo of 15% off, free two-day shipping from Shop Runner and the consistent quality of Peet’s it’s hard not to resist getting the 120 count—$67.50 (approx $0.56 per capsule!!). My friend is an avid fan of Nespresso and made me sample a capsule of Peet’s with his Nespresso machine. It tasted just like what I’d find in a shop. Wow, not today Keurig or ever again! Thanks for bringing consumers a quality product that puts a smile on my face and let’s the dough rest in the bank.