Nerissimo Espresso Capsules

Intensity: 11. The boldness of Peet’s signature dark espresso in a convenient capsule that fits your Nespresso® Original machine*.
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    Black as night, sweet as a brûlée topping.
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Roast Level

Nerissimo Espresso Capsules
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How It Tastes

Black as night, sweet as a brûlée topping.


Delve into a deeper kind of dark with the complexity and nuances of Peet’s signature dark espresso, available in a convenient capsule that fits your Nespresso® Original machine*. Our Nerissimo is espresso’s bittersweet, pleasantly biting answer to those who say you can’t have dessert all day. With milk or cream, bellissimo.

Worth Noting

Each capsule is sealed to preserve aromas and deliver a more intense espresso experience and a richer, smoother, and creamier foam. They offer stable brewing, an exact pull, and more consistent interaction with Nespresso® brewers. And with 100% Arabica, each capsule delivers the high-quality coffee sourcing that consumers expect from Peet’s.

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., not affiliated with Peet's Coffee, Inc. Compatible with most Nespresso Original machines.
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Michael Gibbons
from Arlington, VA on 7/4/2019. Drinking Peet's since 1980.

I’ve had NESPRESSO machines they arrived to the USA; purchased more than a dozen for use and as many more for gifts. And although their coffee is generally pretty good, it’s very rarely great. Peet’s coffee pods, I can honestly say, are all great. They are as close to having an authentic expresso as is possible by using pods, so now I’m a PPC, a Peet’s Pods Customer and I like the fact that they can be purchased at the stores vs having to order them on line. My only complaint is not with Peet’s but with NESPRESSO itself. And that is their machines don’t make the coffee hot enough. I’ve written many letters to them about this for years but they have done nothing to allow for upping the temperature of the extraction process. All I can do to help a tad bit is by heating my coffee mug beforehand and running a few shots of only water through the machine so that the internal mechanism isn’t drawing off heat from the shot process. It helps a little but it’s never sufficient to equal a freshly made espresso at Peet’s, Starbucks or elsewhere. So, Peet’s, why don’t you up the ante and produce your own NESPRESSO machine????

Mike Brosche
from San Diego, CA on 3/7/2019. Drinking Peet's since Janua.

So, so, delicious and the best thing to happen to Nespresso, ever. They are priced fair as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Peet's!

Arn Allemand
from Boise, ID on 1/17/2019. Drinking Peet's since Janua.

I am beyond excited to find that Peet's makes capsules for my Nespresso machine...and that I can purchase them at my local grocery store is such a bonus! I recently purchased all four varieties and was immediately taken back to my favorite espresso stop when we are traveling since there are no Petes Coffee houses in Boise. Rich, bold, and exactly as I remember, thank you! The Nerissimo is my favorite, takes me back to Italy for a moment with each sip.