Italian Roast

A penetrating roast just shy of French with flavorful, full-bodied coffees from Latin America and the Pacific.
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  • Flavor Notes
    Vigorous and intense, with immense depth and texture. Rewardingly flavorful.
  • Flavor Category
    Spicy / Complex
  • Roast Level
  • Origin
    Signature Blends
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About this coffee

Roast Level

Italian Roast
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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Press Pot
  • Espresso
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How It Tastes

Vigorous and intense, with immense depth and texture. Rewardingly flavorful.


Named for the dark roasting style common in southern Italy, this deep, demanding roast is truly an art to achieve. It challenges even our most experienced roaster craftsmen, relying on their sharp senses to develop the bold, broad flavor palette of the fullest-bodied, most flavorful beans from Latin America and the Pacific. Watching, listening, and smelling the beans throughout the long, slow process, our masterful roasters wait patiently for the brief moment when these premium beans reach dark roasted perfection. The vigorous flavors and balanced, complex aromas make for a boldly perfect cup that's poised between our signature Deep Roast and our French.

Worth Noting

The intensity of our Italian Roast demands beans that are strong enough to hold up, which is why we select only the best high-altitude coffees for their depth and density.
Perfecting the process

Coffee, 50 Years in the Making

We've learned a lot in 50 years. From tasting coffee three times before the beans even arrive at our roastery, to waking up at 4am to deep-roast each bean by hand, to personally testing every order before it ships —everything we do is committed to bringing you the freshest, fullest flavor in every cup.

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    Once you place an order, we wake up at 4am to roast your beans in small batches

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    Every bag is sealed immediately using our special packaging techniques.

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Reviews (14)
Average rating:
from Nebraska City, NE on 10/16/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2018.

Not a big fan but it's definitely stout. I usually drink Arabian Mocha Java or New Guinea Highlands. I'm still experimenting with trying all of Peets dark roasts and Italian Roast is one of them, but not for me.

from Kalama, WA on 9/27/2018. Drinking Peet's since 1992.

one of my favorites for over 25 years! I only drink Peet's and this one along with Sulawesi-Kolosi are two of the coffees I have delivered in my subscriptions.

Jessica Gilbert
from Leeds, AL on 9/13/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2017.

My husband tried the French and Dark Roast kcups and asked what I had done to his coffee. I figured he wouldn’t notice that big of a difference, but he loves your Italian Roast! Please make this in the kcups! We love Peet’s!

from Annandale, VA on 2/22/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2009.

Rich, full-bodied coffee that tastes like coffee. Unlike French Roast, the Italian has no bitterness at all even if you make it stronger than usual.

Lynda Bryan
from Seattle, WA on 12/17/2017. Drinking Peet's since 2012.

Peet's Italian Roast is our number one choice of any coffee, but we haven't found it stocked on any grocery shelves in Seattle for several months. Is there a shortage of that roast anywhere else on the west coast? We have tried many Peet's choices and enjoy them but miss Italian roast. I know I can order it, but like to find coffee on sale when possible. Thanks.