Arabian Mocha Sanani

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Harsh, dry mountain terrain and primitive farming give this full-bodied desert miracle a distinctive wildness.
Flavor Notes:
Lush and spicy like wine, with hints of cocoa and dates. Complex, pungent aroma.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Distinctive in both flavor and appearance, Arabian Mocha Sanani grows under harsh, primitive conditions in the arid mountains of Yemen, on the Arabian Peninsula. The mocha variety of coffee favors a terrain of low bushes on barely cultivated land, and these plants sprout miraculously from spring water oases and rock-hewn terraces — where they have to struggle to produce every single coffee cherry.

The centuries-old method for rendering the beans is equally arduous. When most of the cherries are ripe, the farmers pick them all at once and dry them on rooftops and hardened-earth patios. These dried coffee cherries are then hand-milled through traditional stone wheels to remove the hulls and release the two beans inside. This timeless, organic process is what accounts for the rare and naturally wild flavors characteristic of Arabian Mocha Sanani coffee.

Although the unusually small, rounded beans are irregular in form, size, and color, they brew one of the finest cups of coffee on earth. The flavor is reminiscent of a spicy wine, with a full body and pungent, exceedingly complex aroma. Excellent on its own or blended, the unique taste is a perfect complement to almost any other coffee — especially in the classic blend with Java.

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  • 11/7/17
  • Cathy Broadus
  • drinking Peet's since years
  • Tallahassee , FL

Tastes like velvet on your tongue. The price is perfect. You sip, not gulp.

  • 11/2/17
  • leonard
  • drinking Peet's since 1959
  • le locle switzerland, OR

I cvombine this with the Sulawesi bean for a true mocha java as my everyday coffe: lattes in the AM (a total of 4 TBLsp of the mixed) with 16 oz of of pure mountain water, but 2TBLS for 12 oz for afternoon or after dinner drinking.

  • 10/3/17
  • john
  • drinking Peet's since 1980
  • Eastsound, WA

First drank Peet's coffees in Utah, 1980, when introduced to French Roast by friends from CA. WOW! Love at first taste. Many good years of sampling various coffees by mail order. After relocating to Pacific NW, it seemed reasonable to explore regional roasters, which we have done for years. As roasting has been trending lighter, and to me, focus on beans from the Americas have brought more acidic coffees, I have returned a few years ago with great satisfaction to the deep roasts of Peet's, and specifically this Mocha Sanani. Nothing else like it!

  • 8/27/17
  • Ed Davis
  • drinking Peet's since ~1972
  • San Jose, CA

this coffee has a wonderful nutty roast flavor with a dark chocolate aroma and taste; full bodied, rich, smooth and well balanced (not a highly acidic lightly roasted central American coffee).

  • 6/17/17
  • Diane
  • Santa rosa, CA

I'm addicted to this wonderful flavor and have to have it on hand. I love drinking it everyday but the price is steep. A $4 a pound hike was a lot last year but what can I do when its so well loved? Keep trying others but always come back to the best.

5 of 23 Reviews | View All

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