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Peet’s Coffee has launched a nationwide campaign to aid victims of the devastating North Bay California fires.

Through October 22nd, customers can make donations at Peet’s coffeebars nationwide.

You can also make a donation online by selecting one of the charities listed below.

Peet’s will match funds up to $20,000 USD, and 100% of donations will be distributed to local community foundations, nonprofit organizations, and food banks providing vital resources to those impacted.

We're thinking of you, North Bay.


French Roast

Price: $14.95  per lb.

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Our darkest roast is not for the cautious. But these rich, glistening beans are a favorite of Peet’s roasters.
Flavor Notes:
Intensely bold and flavorful. Pronounced smoky overtones with a pleasant bite.
About this coffee

Coffee story

The signature taste and rich coffee character of French Roast comes from a longer, hotter roast, which not all beans can handle. For our darkest roast, we select only top-quality Arabica coffee from the highest altitudes of prime Latin American growing regions. Beans mature slowly at these altitudes, becoming denser, harder and packed with flavor — perfect for retaining boldness and complexity under the intense heat of a deep roast.

Peet's French Roast is not a coffee for the cautious, but for those who embrace the powerful taste, pronounced smoky overtones, and pleasant bite. This dark, deeply flavorful blend pairs well with cream and sugar, and inspires reactions like this one from John "Nic" Nicolini, a Peet's roaster for over 20 years: “On a normal day, I cup 50 coffees before 7 a.m. But I always come back to French. You inhale that smoky aroma, and then a subtle sweetness pops out that awakens your taste buds. It’s visceral."

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  • 3/28/17
  • Eugene Rall
  • drinking Peet's since 2000
  • Ambler, PA

I visited the Peet's coffee shop in Santa Cruz, Ca for a latte. Bought a bag of organic french roast to bring home to Philly. It blows all other brands away! Ordering more...

  • 2/6/17
  • Joe Janes
  • drinking Peet's since 1983
  • Scottsdale, AZ

I had my first cup of Peet's coffee in 1983 in the Berkeley, CA Shattuck Ave store. It's as good now as it was then.

  • 12/9/16
  • Brett
  • drinking Peet's since 12/9/
  • Tybee Island, GA

I heard about this coffee from David on in In the Kitchen with David on QVC. I was out at Target and saw a bag of beans, and said "why not?"
After drinking this, I realize that my whole life was wasted on other coffee. All those years, thrown away. My eyes were opened.
Don't be like old me. Drink Peet's.

  • 12/4/15
  • Danielle P.
  • drinking Peet's since 2014
  • Jersey City, NJ

Drinking this coffee in the morning is always a great start to my day. I usually on't drink my coffee black, but this coffee is so rich and smooth in flavor that nothing needs to be added to it! I'm really glad that I was introduced to this coffee when I got my first Keurig brewer - ever since then, this has been one of my favorite cups of joe. 5/5!!!

  • 9/2/15
  • George G Cowie
  • drinking Peet's since 1960
  • Huntington Beach, CA

It's a great roast. Strong and full-bodied.
I grew up in New Orleans. I'm used to these brands: Community Club, French Market, Luzianne.
Don't you market a decaf version?

5 of 12 Reviews | View All

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