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Major Dickason's Blend®

Price: $15.95  per lb.

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Conceived by one of the first Peetniks and refined by Mr. Peet, this premier blend is our all-time bestseller.
Flavor Notes:
Rich, smooth, and complex, with a very full body and multi-layered character.
About this coffee

Coffee story

A loyal customer of our original Berkeley store, retired army officer Key Dickason brought the idea for our most beloved blend to Mr. Peet in 1969. Intrigued, our founder worked with the local gourmand and coffee aficionado to refine it. They sampled countless combinations before arriving at what is now our all-time bestseller. The result was so good, Alfred Peet decided naming it after his friend wasn't enough — Dickason's rich, complex blend also deserved a promotion from sergeant to major.

Major Dickason's combines the best origin coffees from the world's premier growing regions, each imparting its distinctive regional characteristics while still effortlessly rounding into a smooth, balanced cup. Over the years, it has become the coffee that epitomizes Peet's: flavorful, deeply roasted, and unsurpassingly satisfying. But for us, Major D's is just like a relationship with an old friend. We'll always remember it as the story of a customer's passion, an expert's palate, and a shared love of coffee.

Brewing Tips

Brew it in a French press for a perfect cup, or enjoy it as an exquisite espresso.

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  • 6/4/17
  • Jill
  • drinking Peet's since 06048
  • Utica, MI

I've been looking for a good strong and flavored coffee for a while. Tried Major Dickason's Blend this morning. I'm done looking. This is the best!

  • 3/29/17
  • Rick
  • drinking Peet's since 2004
  • Boulder, CO

I had my first Peet's experience at the Emeryville Amtrak station in California. They were serving the House Blend and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I had never had such a smooth, flavorful, satisfying, cup of coffee in my life. I went back to the counter to ask what kind of coffee it was. She smiled knowingly and answered, It's Peet's. It's been Peet's for me ever since, and once I tried Major Dickason's blend I graduated to that and have never looked back.

  • 3/26/17
  • Robert
  • drinking Peet's since 1/201
  • Williamsburg, KY

My wife and I love to road trip. One of our quirks is to take in as many mom and pop coffee shops as possible. Believe me when I say, there are a lot of great ones out there.....So back home I struggle finding something for my Kerig that is acceptable, until I tried this one. It is awesome..... Love the strong taste without the bitter after taste.

  • 3/20/17
  • Tim K
  • drinking Peet's since 12/20
  • washingtonville , NY

IN LOVE WITH IT! tried it in a k cup, then in a regular pot style and its even better! super rich flavor!

  • 3/19/17
  • Charlene
  • Danville , CA

I have a special tie to the Major D blend. I knew him personally since I was a teenager. He use to have all of us who would be in his home try his coffees. My brother who became his son-in-law was his biggest tester. He is always in our hearts

5 of 68 Reviews | View All

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