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Item No. SUM-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Price:   per lb. $15.95
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Cultivated in small gardens and rustically hand processed, this Indo-Pacific coffee is a classic favorite.

Flavor Notes

Rustic and earthy, with a hefty body, complex sweetness and herbal nuances.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Sumatra, perhaps the quintessential Indonesian coffee, doesn't grow on estates or big farms. It comes from the backyards and garden plots of small landholders, who often have only a few trees. Yet, it's the elementary way they process beans by hand, using the semi-washed method, that could be the secret to this coffee's unconstrained flavor and hefty, syrup-like body.

Cherries are pulped on the farm with a hand-cranked mill, and the seeds hand washed in a basket. Collectors purchase and hull the coffee while still moist and dark grayish-green, removing the parchment shells and allowing the beans to sun-dry only briefly before delivering them to the port of Medan. Along the way, they become fully dry in stages — acquiring their characteristic Sumatran earthiness and complexity.

Because each lot might include the beans of 100 different farmers, great Sumatra relies on strong relationships and sharp tasting skills. We sample exhaustively for every lot we select, looking for the most exceptional body and sweet herbal nuances to coax out with our signature Peet's roast. The result is a gutsy, glorious coffee that brews a richly seductive cup.

Customer Reviews
  • rich , drinking Peet's since n/a 3/24/16

as described, it is full flavored and smooth. it is not espresso. it is not a moderate toned american style. it is rich and flavorful.

  • PETER , drinking Peet's since n/a 3/16/16

Bought the special of the month, Sumatra Mutu Batak. I try to use on my espresso machine. After a couple of grinds, I realized that a lot of the beans are crack, can't get a good shot, and have to separate the good beans myself every time when I am to make a shot. After getting a good shot, the taste is bald, chocolate, with unique salty taste. Do they let you check for crack beans?

  • Thomas , drinking Peet's since 1975 12/4/15
  • Frederiksted, VI

I have been drinking Sumatra coffee for over 20 years. Thought I would give Peets a try. I was expecting a very dark roast, and beans glistening with oils. This roast was not even close to my expectations. Not impressed.

  • Richard Richie , drinking Peet's since 1978 5/26/14
  • New Haven, CT

May favorite of Peet's beans for making a good press pot of coffee. Nothing else tastes as good as Peet's, and thank goodness for the automatic recurring mail orders!

  • J.S. , drinking Peet's since 1988 5/29/13
  • Berkeley, CA

Earth-toned, Sour Dark-Chocolate, Charred Oak, and Pipe Tobacco in Aroma and cup. Low-toned nearly flat and soft acidity; with a syrupy though slightly chalky body. Finish is sweet and earthy/sour with a persistent chalky astringency.

Score = 85/100

  • S 5/17/11
  • OR

The description Peet''s gives of this coffee is very accurate, excepting "herbal nuances." That''s a bit of a stretch. It is "very full" bodied and "smooth" with a capital S. To me it''s the earthy pu-ehr (Chinese tea) of coffees. Maybe not everybody''s taste but if the descriptors float your boat, this is the coffee for you. Well done, Peet''s!

Employee Reviews
  • Brandon Glover , drinking Peet's since 1998 11/2/08
  • Counter
  • Willow Glen
  • Willow Glen, CA

I've only been working for Peet's for about two weeks and I can say with confidence Sumatra will be my favorite coffee for a long time. Customers love the fact that it stands up to decaffeination so well. Richest cup of coffee I've had to date. Cheers

  • Natalie Sigala , drinking Peet's since 2000 6/23/08
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Emeryville
  • Emeryville, CA

This is the best coffee in the world. I have even had surfers call me and tell me that when they travel to Sumatra to surf they bring our Sumatra with them. This coffee is smooth, rich, earthy, hardly acidic, delicious black or with cream or in a latte...YUMMY! Seriously...drink this coffee...

  • Christopher 4/4/06
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Roasting Plant
  • Roasting Plant, CA

excellent tasting! very roasty, with it's usual concenrated flavor, an awsome afternoon coffee to drink while you work!

  • Mia French 6/30/05
  • Store Manager
  • Elk Grove, CA
  • Elk Grove, CA

Sumatra is my favorite coffee because it is full bodied with an earthy taste. Like other coffees from Indonesia, Sumatra has a very smooth taste to it. Sumatra is the better way to start your day.

  • Amber Stott 10/29/01
  • Store Employee
  • Lyon Village
  • Lyon Village, CA

Sumatra is earth and mellow notes.

  • Capella Parrish 3/7/00
  • Brentwood, CA, USA
  • Brentwood, CA

It is smooth and satisfyingly familiar as a pair of well worn bedroom slippers, New York Times home delivery and a loyal yellow Labrador in elbow. Body by Botticelli and aroma that is sublime and seductive.

2016-04-30 07:11:43

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