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Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

From the heights of Jimma, Ethiopia—the origin of arabica—one of the most beautiful coffees being grown today.
$19.95  lb.

Flavor Notes

Elegant and sweet; aromatic and dimensional with overtones of blossom and zest

Flavor Category

Fruity / Floral

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Africa & Arabia
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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

Gorgeous and uniquely vibrant, with heady aromatics of bergamot blossom. Bracing citrus zest meets powerful sweetness in the cup.


The Jimma zone, in the west of Ethiopia, is at or near the birthplace of coffee. Yet this origin point of Arabica, the species, was lying fallow in the economic sense. Some of the most beautiful coffees coming out of the ground were going into commercial stock lots because they weren’t being carefully separated and produced. What was happening to this coffee was a travesty.

But in the past decade the coffee farmers have been pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, working the land, putting training into practice, helping each other out, forming cooperatives, and it’s inspiring to see it. With 100 members at its outset, Biftu Gudina has swelled to a collective of over 300—and over thirty percent are women. They’re in growth mode, and having watched them persevere and succeed, we’ve formed a bit of a soft spot. We’re cheering for them.

So, like every year when we get our samples, we pick the very best cup. And the coffees we get from the Jimma coops are truly an embarrassment of riches because they’re all great across the board. And, like every year, there's one that has a little something extra—aromatic dimension and acidity and sweetness. This year it’s Biftu Gudina. And it's exciting.

Worth Noting

This is not a new story, but it is a favorite story here at Peet’s, the work that’s been done in coffee regions around the world for the last two decades, primarily by our partner TechnoServe. Put simply: teaching co-ops how to produce extraordinary coffees that elevate the farmers’ standard of living. There's something heartwarming about the Biftu Gudina co-op. We’ve seen the transformation from a decent coffee to a truly extraordinary coffee. The farmers added care in processing to their crops and now they're getting premium prices for it, as they should for the way that it tastes and for what it is. This quality deserves it and these people deserve it. And the people who are buying it—you— should be proud. You’re not only drinking a great coffee, but you’re helping these farmers grow exceptional coffee while growing their quality of life.

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