Cafe Domingo® K-Cup® Packs

This medium-roast blend was crafted from three Latin American coffees for slow sipping and savoring.
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  • Flavor Notes
    Smooth and balanced, with hints of toffee sweetness and a crisp, clean finish.
  • Flavor Category
    Nutty / Chocolatey
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Roast Level

Cafe Domingo® K-Cup® Packs
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Brewing Methods

  • K-Cup Pod
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How It Tastes

Smooth and balanced, with hints of toffee sweetness and a crisp, clean finish.


Great coffee brings friends and neighbors together like nothing else. So we created this medium roast to pay tribute to the time-honored pastime of lingering in the café, casually sipping an expertly brewed cup over conversation. The three Latin American coffees in this carefully crafted blend were specificially selected for their balance and brightness, and the roast fine-tuned to brew the perfect medium-bodied cup.

Worth Noting

We decided to name this blend after our third café, opened by Alfred Peet in 1980 on Domingo Avenue in Berkeley, in the shadow of the Claremont Hotel. For more than three decades, Peet's regulars have gathered here to enjoy hand-crafted drinks and the camaraderie they inspire. And that's something worth commemorating.
Reviews (11)
Average rating:
from fredericton, ME on 4/22/2018.

Seriously delicious as a black coffee. Probably the best k-cup I've ever had and of course it tastes better and better as it cools. Highly recommended.

Peggy Ledbetter
from Atlanta, GA on 3/25/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2005.

Café Domingo and Big Bang are my favorite Peet's K cups, but my husband's favorite is Major Dickerson Blend. I even get a subscription every 90 days on these. There is no way Peet's K cups would not fit in a Keurig 2.0 because Peet's sends their coffee to Keurig, which then, Keurig processes the coffee into K cups.

Mary White
from Weare, NH on 2/6/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2017.

Delicious, smooth and rich. I have had no problems with my Keurig 2.0 in brewing these k-cups.

from Lafayette, CA on 1/6/2018. Drinking Peet's since 2005.

This is my favorite by far. I usually drink dark roast, but this is the best medium roast I've tasted. The K-cups work fine in my Keurig 2.0 from Costco (#525 and 2 yrs old).

from Chicago, IL on 11/10/2017. Drinking Peet's since 2017.

This particular blend has been my least favorite so far. There's a pronounced bite, which dissolves to a somewhat unpleasant, mingling aftertaste.