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Tanzania Songwe Gardens

Mouthwatering tangerine and gratifying texture from garden-grown microlots
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Flavor Notes

Heady and aromatic with juicy tangerine and satisfying malty notes

Flavor Category

Bright / Citrus / Sweet

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Africa & Arabia

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Roast Level

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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Cold Brew
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How It Tastes

Super acidity— the kind with a real ‘wow’ factor— and juicy flavor show off just how good coffee from Tanzania can be. Fruity with heady aromatics, a great texture, and satisfying aftertaste. Its mouthwatering tangerine character makes a tantalizing cold brew.


Tanzanian coffee is a story of love and heartbreak, struggle and triumph. Tanzanian coffee transport has made getting the coffee to the U.S.—especially the West Coast—on time and in good condition tricky. We had finally given up. Until now. The right supply chains and well-handled logistics have gotten this coffee to California in this condition, and that's something else. There’s always a bit of luck, and everything has gone right with this coffee.

Worth Noting

In southern Tanzania, along the Songwe river, farmers refer to their plots as their “coffee gardens.” For years, each of these backyard farmers were at the mercy of the price-setting millers. Enter TechnoServe, a nonprofit Peet’s is proud to partner with, who helped these growers form a group and become the millers of their own product. Now the farmers themselves own the title of their coffee all the way to its export. They’ve gone from selling their fruit at the mercy of someone else's price to collecting together, producing a higher quality coffee, and getting a better value from the market. When people go to the effort to work with groups like this, we get great coffee, grown in a beautiful place, carefully processed. It’s proof of why this work is so valuable. And for us, it’s the rare opportunity to celebrate first-hand the resurrection of a coffee we’d given up on. This little miracle has come through, and we get to drink it.

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