Gaia Organic Blend®

A bounteous world blend of certified organic coffees from Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas.
$17.95 / lb.
  • Flavor Notes
    Floral to full-bodied, three-region organic extravagance.
  • Flavor Category
    Spicy / Complex
  • Roast Level
  • Origin
    Signature Blends
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About this coffee

Roast Level

Gaia Organic Blend®
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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

Floral to full-bodied, three-region organic extravagance.


Gaia is the Earth Mother, a fitting symbol for a blend that incorporates the breadth and body of Indonesia, the lilting acidity of the Americas, and the blossom-like fragrance of the finest East African coffees. Selected by Peet's for its high quality and certified for how it is grown, Gaia Blend is equally amenable to palate and planet. This blend is a living coffee that follows the cycle of the seasons, subtly changing throughout the year as exceptional crops of certified organic beans are harvested and introduced. You might notice the sweetening influence of new crop Colombia in the late fall or early year, followed in the spring by a lively infusion of coffees from Central America. Floral, elegant Ethiopia follows quickly, and Sumatra offers its rustic satisfactions the year round.

Worth Noting

Vibrant, juicy, and layered with blossom, earth, and cacao, Gaia delivers a splendid cup, every day of the year.
Giving back

People & Planet

A collection that's dedicated to supporting communities and the environment where our coffees are grown, our People & Planet coffees highlight our decades of providing remarkable quality while caring for farmers and the land.

  • Direct Trade

    Coffees from farmers with whom we have true direct relationships, enabling us to survey the social, environmental, and economic conditions on farms.

  • Farmer Assistance

    A program that assists small farmers with the potential to grow specialty coffee, but who for a variety of reasons lack the skills or means to do so.

  • Certified Coffees

    Evaluating coffees against social, environmental, and economic standards is one way to highlight the care that farmers show in growing and processing coffee.

Perfecting the process

Coffee, 50 Years in the Making

We've learned a lot in 50 years. From tasting coffee three times before the beans even arrive at our roastery, to waking up at 4am to deep-roast each bean by hand, to personally testing every order before it ships —everything we do is committed to bringing you the freshest, fullest flavor in every cup.

Freshness Guarantee

  • Roasted to Order

    Once you place an order, we wake up at 4am to roast your beans in small batches

  • Sealed for Freshness

    Every bag is sealed immediately using our special packaging techniques.

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    No sitting around and no warehousing, your coffee is shipped within 24 hours.

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Reviews (13)
Average rating:
from Dallas, TX on 4/22/2018. Drinking Peet's since 1988.

I love all of Peet's coffees - Major D's for everyday... To everyone suggesting places to find Peet's Coffees, you will get it all of them at their freshest and best ordering them from them from Peets directly - and save money too... And in most cases they are shipped the day after roasting this way - rather than spending days or weeks on store shelves the other way... BTW, The bags you find at grocers are 12 oz...

from Murrieta, CA on 12/6/2017. Drinking Peet's since 1992.

Customer service is top-notch and therefore the 5☆.
However, this last shipment, whole beans, didn't live up
to Peet's quality standards. The aroma was not there for some reason, and maybe stale...A good portion of the beans
were broken and either had globs of oil on them or none at all.
The beautiful consistent sheen was missing...
Never had a problem before.
Love organic coffee and will try this again in the near future

from Rockville, MD on 7/6/2017.

I love this coffee. Its strong and yet leaves no aftertaste. And its organic so no pesticides that go into your cup. I find it easily at my local Peet's shop.

from Bridge City, TX on 1/7/2017. Drinking Peet's since 2012.

I like Gaia and Garuda very much. I read your comments and I think you need to sign up for a Peet;s subscription so you will never be without your favorite coffee and you will enjoy:
* 10% off order
* free shipping on $59 + (I order enough to get free shipping)
* dedicated concierge to speak with (they're wonderfully helpful)
* can order as frequent or infrequent as you desire
I wonder why it took me so long to sign up for Peet's subscription. I now enjoy the 10% off & free shipping and updates on new arrivals. Try it,for it cost you nothing! You can cancel at any time & very easy to manage on line. It is nice to come home to my favorite coffee delivered for free & at a discount.

from Sequim, WA on 10/26/2016. Drinking Peet's since 2016.

Love the Peet dark roast organic. bought in CA but live in Sequim Wa. Please see if you can get Costco in Sequim Wa to carry it.