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Holiday Blend K-Cup® Pods

A celebration a year in the making, offering a warmth and spiciness that’s as extraordinary as the season and as much a gift as the season itself, in convenient K-Cup® pods.

Flavor Notes

Big bodied; rich with candied fruit, dark chocolate, and Indonesian spice

Flavor Category

Spicy / Complex

Roast Level



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Roast Level

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Brewing Methods

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How It Tastes

Double chocolate, extra fragrant, ultra plush. Two Guatemala coffees—one fruit forward, one chocolate back—a washed and a natural Ethiopia, and a sumptuous Sumatra gang up for a hedonistic heavyweight of a Holiday blend.


We take the utmost care in crafting this, our most celebratory cup. Holiday Blend is a tradition as exciting for us as it is for the loyal drinkers that ardently await each year’s installment. And this year’s big-bodied cup is exceptional. We mulled over each sample that passed through our cupping room with the thought—perhaps for Holiday?

Worth Noting

You wait for it every year: the celebratory big, hearty blend that suits this most spectacular season. And the coffee you find in our K-Cup® pods is the very same coffee that goes into our regular Holiday bags: the gathering of the most superb lots to cross our cupping table. Immerse yourself in this year’s big bodied cup, a celebration of diverse communities and regions, offering a warmth and spiciness that’s as much a gift as the season itself.

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