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Peru Chirinos Organic

One of the finest Peru coffees we’ve tasted: delightful, delicate, and organic.
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  • Flavor Notes
    Fresh and floral with apricot sweetness.
  • Flavor Category
    Fruity / Floral
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Roast Dates:
02/20, 02/27, 03/06

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About this coffee

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Peru Chirinos Organic
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How It Tastes

We’ve just taken arrival of a sweetly aromatic coffee from Peru, which despite its rarified altitudes and abundance of 20,000-foot peaks, produces a relatively delicate cup. Enjoy it now for its fresh, floral aroma, elegant juicy texture, and delectable apricot sweetness.


While the best of Costa Rica and Guatemala—the new crop from Central America—is months from arriving at our roastery, this Peru is perfect now. In addition to having an offset harvest, Peru is a specialist in organics, and the northern region of Cajamarca is known for the best. The 867 members of the Chirinos co-op are fast developing a reputation for quality but have always been dedicated to sustainable production.

Worth Noting

The Chirinos co-op composts coffee cherry pulp to produce their own organic fertilizer and eschews herbicides for hand-removal of weeds, these organic farmers are substituting synthetic inputs with the sweat of their hard work. The payoff is sweet, in the form of one of the finest Peru coffees we have tasted.


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