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Rwanda Ejo Heza

A brilliant cup of women-grown coffee supports a “bright future.”
$19.95 / lb.
  • Flavor Notes
    Rich red fruits and smooth butterscotch notes
  • Flavor Category
    Fruity / Floral
  • Roast Level
  • Origin
    Africa & Arabia
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Roast Dates:
03/27, 04/03

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About this coffee

Roast Level

Rwanda Ejo Heza
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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

The women of Ejo Heza farm with a standard of excellence that has us looking forward to each harvest. This year, the women’s impeccable agronomy practices paired with high altitude and excellent soil have resulted in a jewel of Rwandan coffee: aromas of plum and vanilla mingle with flavors of strawberry jam and butterscotch. And with the premiums we pay going directly to the women who grow it, this is a coffee and story to savor.


Over 300 women have banded together as a “sub-cooperative,” farming as a collective, meeting weekly to pursue goals, and even establishing their own micro-lending bank to promote personal businesses. Their washing station is state-of-the-art and immaculate, receiving many certifications, including Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance compliance.

Worth Noting

Improved education. Better nutrition. Resilient, productive businesses. When we invest in women farmers, the entire community benefits. The women’s cooperative at Kopakama washing station in Mushubati, Rwanda, has taken this to heart. Their chosen name, Ejo Heza, translates to “bright future,” but their coffee is brilliant now, in the present.


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Doug Garfield
from WELLESLEY HILLS, MA on 3/13/2019. Drinking Peet's since 03-20.

This coffee represents exactly as advertised. Complex, fruity and full bodied with a smooth finish. I am an everyday Major Dickason's drinker so this origin had a lot to stand up to. Well done! I have been in the roasting industry for 15 years with access to many of the worlds finest coffees and I continue to choose Peets for my daily brew.