Bodum Chambord Press 8-Cup

Savor the flavor of press-pot coffee while admiring the Bodum Chambord’s traditional French Press design. 
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Product Details

  • For five decades, Bodum has created elegant and functional press pots that meet our high standards
  • Holds 32 oz
  • Carafe is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Black handle is made of stay-cool bakelite
  • A dual-coating process ensures the strength and lasting shine of the metal frame
  • Features a patented safety lid and a stainless steel filter system
  • The carafe is dishwasher-safe
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Lisa V.
from Atlanta, GA on 7/3/2015. Drinking Peet's since 1992.

A press pot is the absolute BEST way to brew coffee to retain all the delicious flavors. LOVE my 32oz Bodum and have been using exclusively since 1992. First, filtered water is boiled in a tea kettle, and then removed from the stove to cool, until the water is at a temp 200F -205F. Then the glass vessel and coffee mug are "tempered" (warmed with extra water from the kettle) to insure a really hot cup of coffee. For a 16oz mug, I use 7 scoops (1Tbsp size) of freshly ground coffee (particle size set for press pot/percolator), slowly add water from the kettle and swirl in the glass vessel (press pot) to get the coffee to "bloom" (foam). After repeating several times, the remainder of the water is added, and the top is loosely put on the vessel. Timer is set for 4 minutes, and when time is completed, the press pushed down and coffee immediately poured in the warmed mug...Absolute heaven in a cup. ENJOY!!