Chemex Natural Coffee Filters

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These natural coffee filters are essential for brewing the perfect cup with a Chemex coffee maker.
Chemex natural coffee filters ensure the full extraction of desirable elements from the coffee, while eliminating bitter oils, acids, and fine sediment. Chemex coffee filters are designed for optimal coffee filtration speed (not too fast or too slow). The grain and heavy construction of the filter paper is truly unique in the world of coffee filters; none can compare to the Chemex in performance. Each box contains 100 filters.
Customer Reviews
  • Chris Billinggton , drinking Peet's since 1977 9/14/08
  • Loma Mar, CA

I've tried a lot of different brewing methods over the years. These days it's machines for this and machines for that. Conical steel burrs for the grinding. What bothers me is not being able to get in to the actual grinding aparatus to clean properly. I can taste the stale coffee from such machines. Any way.... The Chemex flasks and these filters in particular are the absolute best. Utterly simple and to the point. Slow down a tad and taste the rich fresh coffe won't you?

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