Capresso H2O Pro Water Kettle

Price: $79.99
This programmable cordless water kettle is faster, safer and more energy-efficient than any stovetop kettle.
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Its sleek design and precise digital temperature control make H2O PRO the top choice for brewing.

Most stovetop kettles cannot be programmed for specific temperatures, so they are only handy for reaching a boil. In contrast, the Capresso H2O PRO features an extensive 11 water temperature settings (from 110°F to 212°F) for all your brewing needs.

• Brushed stainless steel housing
• Illuminated blue backlit LCD panel displays the temperature and is easy to program
• Variable temperature control with 11 settings from 110°F to 212°F
• Programmable warm keeping from 110°F to 190°F
• Maintain warm keeping temperature for up to 40 minutes
• Programmable boiling duration from 3 to 20 seconds
• Chlorine reducing and extended boil settings to purify water taste
• Dry boil protection
• Safety auto shut-off
• Anti-scale micro filter spout
• Slip free, textured underside handle
• Water Level Window
• Cordless design with 360° swivel base for right or left hand use
• The kettle can also be placed directly on the table or counter without using a heating plate for easy serving
• Concealed low-noise heating element

6" (L) X 8 ½" (W) X 9½"(H). Holds 56 oz. Made in China.

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