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AeroPress® Coffee and Espresso Maker

This unique coffee maker is the perfect way to brew a cup of amazing Peet's coffee for yourself and your whole family.
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Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness. Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water on bed of grounds, over extracting at the center and under extracting at the edge. This coffee and espresso maker make a cup of coffee in as quick as 1 minute.

The AeroPress components are made of polypropylene: The clear chamber ,the hard black filter cap, filter holder, funnel, and stirrer. The rubber like seal on the end of the plunger is made of a thermoplastic elastomer. All of these materials are FDA approved for use in contact with food. BPA Free. Made in the USA.

Included in the box:
- 1 plunger and seal
- Brewing chamber
- 1 filter cap
- 1 filter holder
- 350 micro-filters
- 1 scoop
- 1 stirrer
- 1 funnel

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  • 2/24/18
  • Jon
  • drinking Peet's since 2000
  • Charlotte, NC

This is an important Addenda to Beth's review below.
The method she reports is available on YouTube for more detail, but it wasn't in the Aero Press instructions (they may have now added it). You place the plunger inside the INVERTED water/coffee chamber, add your coffee, pour in the water, then let it sit. Stir, Steep. Only then do you attach the filter and bottom piece, invert the press, and plunge. This method requires patience, because you let it steep for a while, prior to pressing it.
The method that came with my Aero Press is much quicker, with the filter and bottom already in place, open end UP, then add coffee, water, stir, and press. This is the 60 second method.
Each produces very good coffee. Try both. Pick a favorite. Enjoy.

  • 7/16/17
  • beth
  • drinking Peet's since 2000
  • Cumberland, RI

I got hooked on Peet's espresso forte and iced hazelnut lattes while I was writing my paper for my MS in 2000. Unfortunately, I moved across the country a few years ago and the only Peet's is 30 miles away!

In comes the AeroPress: the BEST way to make espresso and replicate my Peet's iced hazelnut latte at home! I've tried cheaper espresso machines (up to $150, I'm no high-roller), the Bialetti stovetop maker (which was pretty decent), but the AeroPress is by far the best espresso maker in terms of taste and consistency that I've ever used. Couple that with Monin Hazelnut Syrup (that's what they use at the stores, you can buy it online) and a really good frother I found online, I make a perfect replica of my favorite drink.

Here's how I use the AeroPress: I prefer the "upside down" method (YouTube that).

--For a medium/2 shot drink, heat 3/4 cup water in the microwave right up to boiling (70 sec in mine).
--Grind 2 scoops whole beans (scoop is included) as espresso grind and put into AeroPress.
--Let water sit for 2-3 minutes and cool off.
--Slowly pour water into press while slowly stirring, maybe 15 sec pouring/stirring and 15 sec continuing to stir.
--Let sit for 1 min.
--Give it a quick stir, then add filter/top and flip over and pour into a SS milk frothing mug with 4 pumps Monin Hazelnut and stir well.
--In your drinking mug, froth up some 2% or whole milk (it makes a difference in replicating taste) up to about 1 cup, pour espresso/hazelnut into frothed milk, stir.
--Add milk to taste, finish with a cup of ice.

  • 9/24/16
  • Sandy
  • drinking Peet's since sever
  • Watertown, MA

Reviews are soo true. Now happy to add my own. Purchased my first one this year via Peets online. Didnt use immediately but happened to see demos on youtube. Tried it and now I am hooked. I can make my own caramel machiatto...couple drops of tiramsu syrup added to milk and ice crushed together. Add my AeroPress espresso, and top with caramel sauce. Thank you Peets. Im ordering a second one to travel with.

  • 6/5/16
  • Claudia
  • drinking Peet's since 2009
  • Medford, OR

I have been using the Aeropress for two years now, and I LOVE IT!!! I still use my press pot for when I want more than one cup of coffee, but most days it is the Aeropress. As far as I'm concerned, press pot coffee is the only way to go!

One suggestion, please start carryng the replacement aeropress filters.

  • 4/12/16
  • Andy
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

My favorite way to make a single cup of coffee. I typically use it to brew americano style (amaerocano?), and for a quick and tasty cold beverage I'll press it directly over ice. Full immersion extraction + paper micro-filter = a full-bodied, clean cup every time. And speaking of clean, it is super easy to clean. Also, I've had mine for two years and it is virtually indestructible. Could it be the best thing to happen to coffee since... Alfred Peet???!!!

5 of 10 Reviews | View All

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