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A revolutionary and award winning portable press-typed coffee brewer that you can take wherever your adventures takes you.
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The Cafflano team spent 5 months of excruciating efforts, they came up with the first mock-up version of Cafflano® Kompact that is designed to satisfy such demands. They reviewed the most of the press-typed coffee brewers available in the market and tried to improve their flaws for coffee lovers to enjoy press-typed coffee easily in the most convenient way possible, anytime, anywhere!

• Comes in 2 colors - Red or Black • Perfect for cold brew, hot coffee, or tea using loose tea leaves
• Cold Brew on-the-go with Airlock cap
• Each Cafflano Kompact comes with a black fabric hard case that protects from scratches and damages.
• High Pressure - Zero-friction of bellows, easy and light press. Press & Squeeze mode
• Eco-Friendly - Etched stainless Micro Filter
• Food grade silicone brewing chamber
• Compact, portable, and ultra-lightweight
• Zero friction brewer and easy to press to make the prefect cup

Peet's Recommended Brewing Instructions:
• 2 heaping tablespoon or 13 bgrams of ground coffee
• 7 fluid ounces or 200 grams of water 
• Water temperature of 195℉ recommended
• Recommend #10 grind (french press grind)

Cafflano® Kompact, simple pressing hot & cold brewer, the advanced epoch-making portable press-typed brewer. Although they designed and created Cafflano® Klassic as light (470g) and compact (194mm X 89mm) as possible with full brewing functionalities, some of their fans such as mountaineers and backpackers demanded a coffee brewer even more compact and lighter.

How to Use:
• Remove the top cap and filter and set aside
• Allow the Kompact to expand to full position
• Add ground coffee to the canter chamber
• Slowly add hot or cold water (adjust grinds if brewing with cold water)
• Screw on the filter and the top cap
• Allow to steep for 2-3 minutes (depending on desired flavor)
• Remove lid and carefully turn onto your cup
• Press down firmly to extract coffee

History of Cafflano®
In June 2014, Beanscorp has introduced its revolutionary portable all-in-one pour-over coffee maker, Cafflano® Klassic on Kickstarter and the upgraded version in January 2015. Within just a year, Cafflano® Klassic has been sold over 100,000 units in 60 countries and swept five renowned international awards in 2015 only; ① Best New Domestic Coffee Equipment award from Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), ② Smart Label from Host Milan, Italy ③ Most Innovative Product award from Autumn Fair, U.K., ④ Most Innovative Product award from New York Coffee Festival, USA and ⑤ Best SME Product award from Small & Medium Business Agency (SMBA), Korea. (Please click on the below awards to learn more about them)

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  • 1/8/18
  • Jana McCormick
  • San Antonio, TX

The pros of this piece are...That it makes one cup at a time, and that it supposedly does hot and cold beverages. The negatives r... the liquid seeps out the top and bottom when you're pressing it, making a mess... And it only makes 2 to 3 oz of a beverage. That's a concentrated coffee or espresso. I will try to return it.

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