Hario Slim Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder MSS-1

This ceramic hand grinder by Hario balances versatility with compact design.

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Product Details

  • Compact design
  • The mill can be stored easily without the handle
  • Mill is made from ceramic which does not rust and stays sharp
  • Adjustable grind setting—from fine to coarse for different brewing methods
  • 24-gram ground coffee capacity
  • Ideal for use with Chemex, Aeropress and more
Reviews (2)
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sandie from Gold Hill, OR on 3/16/2018. Drinking Peet's since 1980.

I might just be used to an electric grinder but this takes 15 minutes to grind enough for two cups. If you have two people that drink two cups better start grinding early. ALSO..
I can only figure out how to do one grind by turning the handle clockwise... nothing comes out when I turn it Counterclockwise.
IDK .... I just think the description should say grinds enough for two cups only and give people enough info to make an informed decision.

len from charlotte, NC on 3/23/2015. Drinking Peet's since 1961 .

The perfect complement to my Eva solo coffee maker, pure water (no FL/CL Ph balanced), Bona Vita water kettle, and Peet's Sulewesi-Kalosi/Arabian Mocha Sanani. My formula is 16 oz of water, 4 level coffee spoons of beans (equals 16 teaspoons when ground and fills to the two serving line of the grinder) of beans and 2/3 cup of scalded lactose free whole milk. The water heats to 200 degrees in the time it takes me to coarse grind the beans. I add the grounds to my pre heated Eva Solo machine and stir, and scald the milk on the stove for four minutes. Voila, foamed milk to my cup then the coffee and I am set up for the day. Five stars for everything, though I wish Peets would price the grinder lower where everybody else offers.

BTW the Eva is superior to French Press and Chemex brewing, no paper or pressing with metal

This is to my alternative to a wish list of a $6000 Jura machine, saving $5000. ...Len .