Kinto Coffee Jug Pour-over Set

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Your Slow Coffee Style Jug helps you brew the perfect cup every time. The helpful dots and playful messages printed on the jug helps you measure the perfect amount of water while having fun brewing slow coffee style.
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This set includes a stainless steel filter, a brewer, and glass jug. It lets you have fun brewing slow coffee with its playful messages and print that indicates the amount of dripped coffee. The holder can be used to measure the amount of coffee beans as well as to place the filter after use. Items of the set can be used separately.

• Holds 10 oz / 300ml:
• Dimensions: 3.9 in x H6.1 in x W4.7 / ø 100 x H55 x W120 mm

• Material: heat-resistant glass
• User Recommendations: microwave and dishwasher safe

• Material: stainless steel, copolyester
• User Recommendations: dishwasher safe

Brewer, holder:
• Material: MS resin
• User Recommendations: dishwasher safe

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