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Divine Duo Sampler Gift - Jamaica Blue Mountain & Red Sea Reserve

A gift duo for the serious coffee connoisseur, with two of our most premium Reserve blends for savoring throughout the holidays.
Flavor Notes:
Jamaica Blue Mountain: Nutty and sweet; bright, with notes of milk chocolate and caramel

Red Sea Reserve: Wildly aromatic, deeply fruited, and stunningly complex
About this coffee

Coffee story

About Jamaica Blue Mountain: The unique regional conditions—rich soil, unexpected tropical altitude and cool mists—together with meticulous processing are what make this particular Jamaica Blue Mountain so exceptional. The Sherwood estate not only grows the coffee, but controls the whole process, applying careful milling, drying and hand sorting under exacting quality-controlled conditions. Which means every bean is treated as a prize from the moment it is picked to the moment it is packed in wooden barrels and air-shipped to us here in California.

About Red Sea Reserve: Red Sea Reserve is a Peets.com exclusive microlot as rich as it is rare. From the rolling, forested mountains of Jimma in western Ethiopia we selected the bright, blossomy, lemon bar-sweet perfection of Duromina, a co-op famed for its sublime washed process coffees. From the dizzying heights of Jabal Haraaz in Yemen –across the Great Rift and the Red Sea – we selected the pungent, winey, blueberry pie and warm baking spice confection of Red Mocha Haraaz. This rare single village, single crop is produced by the dry or natural process: only the ripest, reddest coffee cherries are harvested from the centuries-old terraces, dried whole in the arid mountain air, and husked by stone wheel.

Africa meets Arabia. Washed meets Natural. Ethiopia meets Yemen. Two rare gems united across coffee cultures, the span of time, and the spread of tectonic plates. Red Sea Reserve: a blend across the Great Rift.

Comes in a Peet's signature gift box.

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