Indo-Pacific - Three Pound Sampler

Explore the Indo-Pacific islands in this unique sampler pack characterized by earthy, nutty flavor notes.
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Sumatra: Very full body, very concentrated flavor. Sweet, slightly earthy, herbal nuances with a gutsy richness. A favorite of Peet's customers for years.

New Guinea Highlands: A mild, mellow yet aromatically complex coffee. New Guinea Highland's good body, moderate acidity and broad flavor make it one of the best coffees in the world.

Sulawesi-Kalosi: A rare coffee with unusual depth and complexity. Sulawesi-Kalosi has a multi-dimensional aromatic character with prominent herbal, nutty, and pleasantly sweet woodsy notes.

Comes in a Peet's signature gift box.

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People & Planet

A collection that's dedicated to supporting communities and the environment where our coffees are grown, our People & Planet coffees highlight our decades of providing remarkable quality while caring for farmers and the land.

  • Direct Trade

    Coffees from farmers with whom we have true direct relationships, enabling us to survey the social, environmental, and economic conditions on farms.

  • Farmer Assistance

    A program that assists small farmers with the potential to grow specialty coffee, but who for a variety of reasons lack the skills or means to do so.

  • Certified Coffees

    Evaluating coffees against social, environmental, and economic standards is one way to highlight the care that farmers show in growing and processing coffee.

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from East Amherst, NY on 7/31/2014. Drinking Peet's since 2007.

This is a really good selection of three great coffees. My parents and I don't consider ourselves snotty when it comes to coffee, but we truly enjoy having Peet's coffee when we come down to start our day. The House Blend and Major Dickenson's are among our favorites, though we do enjoy exploring some of the other roasts and see what they have to offer. We will be purchasing this again in the future and recommend this to those who are adventurous and like a good full flavor cup of coffee.