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Holiday Blend K-Cup® Pods

A celebratory culmination of a year of spectacular coffee.
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A spirited blend, stout and spicy with fruited notes.

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Spicy / Complex

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How It Tastes

After much consideration, we chose three standouts from the finest coffee origins. Sumatra Batak from the Lintong region offers stunning aromatics, spicy and herbal. Panama Finca Don Bosco is the best of the best from Panama, fully washed to bright sweetness, a real lemon-bar treat. And last but not least, Kenya’s velvety blackcurrant notes, prized by cuppers as perhaps the best in the world. Big, bold, and rich, it lends this blend an unmistakable lushness.


We take the utmost care in crafting this celebratory cup. Our Holiday Blend is a tradition as exciting for us as it is for the loyal drinkers that eagerly await each year’s installment. And this year’s full-bodied cup is no exception. We’ve mulled over each sample that’s passed through our cupping room with the thought—perhaps for Holiday?

Worth Noting

Together, these three coffees layer and interplay in a blend that’s beautifully complex. It’s a dark roast that’s deceptively bright, full of sparkling, spirited flavor and aroma. It’s a fitting cup for the most celebratory time of year, and we’re as proud as ever to share it with you this holiday season.

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